Beth Liebling Biography – What Is She Doing Now?

Profile summary of Beth Liebling
  • Name: Elizabeth Liebling
  • Date of birth: March 12, 1967
  • Age: 57 years old
  • Place of birth: Chicago, Illinois, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: Journalism Class of 1990 San Diego State University
  • Zodiac sign: Pisces
  • Marital status: Divorced
  • Spouse: Eddie Verder (ex-husband), Mike Ranquet (ex-boyfriend)
  • Height in feet/inches: 5 ft 4 inches
  • Height in cm/m: 163 cm/1.63 m
  • Occupation: Musician
  • Years active: 1993 – present
  • Net worth: Est. $600k
  • Instagram: @bethlieblingofficial
  • Twitter: @bethliebling
  • Facebook: Beth Liebling

Beth Liebling (full name: Elizabeth Liebling, born March 12, 1967) is a 54-year-old American musician. Beth, who is primarily a bassist, initially caught the attention of the public after co-founding the experimental instrumental group known as Hovercraft alongside guitarist/keyboardist Ryan Campbell in 1993. Hovercraft has since been dismantled and she has been a bassist/backup vocalist with a band known as Teleportal since 2015.

Beth Liebling’s status as a celebrity musician picked up steam when she tied the knot with her now ex-husband, Eddie Verder in the early-mid 1990s. Eddie is the lead vocalist for the rock band Pearl Jam. Let’s take a journey that will explore the unknown details of Beth Liebling’s life, career, and marriage to Eddie. This article will also help you learn about what the talented veteran musician is up to these days.

How old is Beth Liebling?

Beth Liebling is 54 years old. She is obviously no spring chicken, having been born on March 12, 1967. The veteran musician’s birth name is Elizabeth Liebling but it would appear that she is generally known as Beth Liebling. Beth, the second part of her first name, was most likely a nickname that stuck and which the musician later maintained as her stage name to date.

Beth Liebling was born under the sun sign of Pisces in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. She is a Caucasian American citizen as a result of her birth and possible parental heritage. Speaking of parents, not much is known about Beth’s, including their identities or what they did to earn money. The question of whether Beth Liebling grew up as an only child is likely to linger because she has been quite reluctant to speak about her birth family on the few occasions she was interviewed.

Though an accomplished musician, Liebling has a journalism degree from San Diego State University, California. She graduated from the prestigious higher institution in 1990. Prior to the four years she spent as a student at the university, Beth had spent the majority of her formative years in Chicago. She had her high school education in her home state even though the institution where she received her high school diploma has never been publicly mentioned at any point.

Beth Liebling co-founded Hovercraft

As mentioned earlier, Hovercraft is an experimental instrumental group that was founded in 1993 and Beth was a co-founder along with Ryan Campbell. Campbell is a guitarist/keyboardist/samplist who worked with Beth Liebling for a lengthy period while the band existed. In truth, before Hovercraft, both musicians already had a long-standing relationship that was birthed during the times they played together at Space Helmet, a musical outfit that was formed during Liebling’s stay in Seattle.

Space Helmet went bust when Ryan Campbell moved to New York City. Despite the fact that his departure was brief, Campbell’s brother who was the drummer of the band along with some members of the now defunct Space Helmet took the time in-between to form the band Magnog. It is not exactly clear what Beth Liebling did in the meantime because records show that she played no part in forming the new group nor did she once appear as a member of the band (Magnog) afterward.

It has been established that Ryan Campbell’s sojourn in New York City was short-lived and when he returned to Seattle in 1993, he teamed up with Liebling to form Hovercraft. During their time as a band, Beth and Hovercraft had the privilege of performing as the opening act for the Foo Fighters and Mike Watt on their first tour of the United States.

Before the tour, the band had released their first and only seven-inch single titled 0,0,0,1 in 1995 working first with Eddie Vedder on the drums before he was replaced on the tour by Bobby Tamkin of Xu Xu Fang. Bobby himself was later replaced by Dave Krusen on the drums and with him there, the band recorded Stereo Specific Polymerization.

They had also formed a record label known as Repellent Records at the time but they were eventually snapped up by Daniel and Paul Smith and indoctrinated into Mute Records based in London. Under Mute Records, they dropped Akhathisia (1997), and Experiment Below (1998). Hovercraft, for some yet unknown reasons, dissolved in 1999 and Beth took a break from music for a little while, before returning to play drums for the Los Angeles-based group Lola.

Beth Liebling joined Teleportal in 2015 as a bassist and a backup singer. She did so with some of her colleagues, from Hovercraft. Some of the guys who joined her include James Bourland (guitar) and Ric Peterson (drums). Johnny Rossa was the lead singer of her new band. On October 18, 2019, they dropped their first album titled Devour.

Married life with Eddie Vedder

Beth Liebling
Beth Liebling and Eddie Vedder – image source

It seems so long ago now but the 54-year-old music veteran was once married to then long-time boyfriend, Eddie Jerome Verder. Born Edward Louis Severson III on December 23, 1964, and currently the lead singer of Pearl Jam, Eddie and Beth were teenage sweethearts who began dating in 1983. Eddie was only about 19 years old then while Beth was around 16 years old.

Eddie was there throughout Beth’s journey to musical recognition and he played a big part as well while driving her to various concerts and eventually helped in establishing Hovercraft with her and Campbell. Just about a year after the now-defunct Hovercraft was established, Beth and Eddie were joined together in holy matrimony in Rome, Italy, on June 3, 1994.

Sadly, their marriage didn’t last as long as their relationship before marriage. Nobody knows why but Eddie and Beth separatedd and eventually divorced in September 2000. They had no children together and eventually moved on to different partners, Eddie, who spoke of the devastating effect his failed marriage to Beth had on him, went on to marry longtime girlfriend and model Jill McCormick on September 18, 2010. Apparently, they had been dating since 2000, the year his marriage to Beth ended. They have two daughters named Olivia (b. 2004) and Harper (b. 2008).

Beth, on the other hand, never remarried but she dated a professional snowboarder and skateboarder named Mike Ranquet long enough to have twins with him. Beth’s twins, a boy and a girl named Blake Hendrix Ranquet and Violla Sophia Ranquet respectively were born on November 10, 2011.

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What is Beth Liebling doing now?

Beth Liebling still maintains her position as the bassist of Teleportal. When she is not in the studio though, she likes to swim, surf, and dive. Liebling also loves to travel and her website lists places like Maui and Rome, the city where she got married, as places she has been to. She founded GoGirlzzz, an online social network for women, and also loves to write and paint in her free time.

Liebling is not quite active on social media. Her Instagram page @bethlieblingofficial has just over 390 followers and her only post on the platform came on December 13, 2019. The same goes for her Twitter page under the handle @bethliebling. She joined the platform in August 2009 but her last tweet came on December 13, 2010. She also has just over 300 followers.

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