Details On The Family Life Of Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson’s origin is traceable to a conventional family background where he spent a memorable childhood alongside two brothers (Luke Wilson and Andrew Wilson) from the same parents (Robert Andrew Wilson and Laura Wilson). This might come as a huge surprise to fans who know about his unconventional love life but it is common knowledge that the Hollywood star is the middle child in a close-knit family of five.

Interesting to note that the three Wilson brothers are players in the American entertainment industry in different capacities, making fans conclude that both the matriarch and patriarch of the family have something to do with the world of showbiz. How true is this claim?

Owen Wilson is the son of Irish parents

Owen Wilson’s origin is rooted in an Irish lineage but the famous entertainer’s place of birth is Dallas, Texas, in the U.S. Born on the 18th of November, 1968, Owen is classified as an American national. He grew up in the States and also found fame as a citizen of the United States.

His early academic history is nowhere to be found but going by what we could sieve from kept records, all his educational qualifications were acquired in the States. Before going for higher academic qualifications in college, Owen joined New Mexico Military Institute. He then went in pursuit of a BA in English at the University of Texas in Austin. However, his year of graduation is not known. We only know that he started his acting career in 1996.

As earlier mentioned, the Wilson family is made up of five successful members, including Robert Wilson, Laura Wilson, Andrew Wilson, and Luke Wilson.

While the Wilson boys are all involved in showbiz, their parents are not listed among Hollywood players but they laid solid foundations for their children to thrive in the industry.

Robert Wilson (father)

  • Full name: Robert Andrew Wilson
  • Date of birth: July 3, 1941
  • Died: May 5, 2017, Dallas, Texas, United States
  • Occupation: advertising executive
Owen Wilson
Owen and his dad, Robert Wilson image source

Robert Wilson is the patriarch of the Wilson family, Of Irish descent, Robert worked in advertising as an executive. Owen’s father also operated a public TV station but died in 2017. Robert was 75 at the time of his death and authored 6 books before he died.

Laura Wilson (mother)

  • Full name: Laura Cunningham Wilson
  • Date of birth: October 13, 1939
  • Occupation: photographer, writer
  • Facebook: @wilsonsmiles
Owen Wilson
Owen and his mum Laura image source

Laura is the name of Owen Wilson’s mum. The mother of three is renowned as an author with five publications under her belt. They include;

  • Watt Matthews of Lambshead (1989)
  • Hutterites of Montana (2000)
  • Avedon at Work: In The American West (2003)
  • Grit and Glory: Six-Man Football (2003)

The matriarch of the Wilson family also earns a living as a photographer whose work has been featured on the pages of several publications such as the New York Times, GQ, Vanity Fair, and more. Laura also worked as a lecturer and delivered lectures at top universities like the University of Texas and Harvard.

Owen Wilson has two brothers

Owen Wilson’s younger and older brothers are as handsome as the actor. They do not just share a striking family resemblance, the Wilson brothers also share similar interests in the entertainment industry but in different capacities.

Andrew Wilson

  • Full name: Andrew Cunningham Wilson
  • Date of birth: August 22, 1964
  • Occupation: film actor and director
Owen Wilson
Andrew Wilson image source

Andrew Wilson is the oldest among the Wilson siblings and is listed as an actor cum budding director, though his popularity cannot be compared to that of his younger brother Owen. If you should categorize the Wilson siblings by fame, then Andrew is the least popular.

As an actor, Andrew has only been featured in cameo roles so far. The actor has appeared in productions such as Chicks, Fever Pitch, Charlie’s Angels, Bottle Rocket, and more.

He debuted as a movie director in 2005, directing the film, The Wendell Baker Story with his younger brother Owen in the leading role.

Andrew has done well for himself in the entertainment industry and according to reports, he is currently worth $2 million dollars and still counting.

Luke Wilson

  • Full name: Luke Cunningham Wilson
  • Date of birth: September 21, 1971
  • Height: 1.8 m
  • Occupation: actor
Owen Wilson
Luke Wilson image source

Luke Wilson is younger than Owen Wilson by a few years and is the youngest of the Wilson brothers. As an actor, Luke is quite successful but not in the same league as his big brother Owen. He is renowned for the character he depicted in Legally Blonde but made his onscreen debut on the set of Bottle Rocket, sharing the screen with his big brother Andrew.

Luke has a handful of movies to his credit, including Drunk History, Entourage, The X-Files, and Entourage.
The youngest Wilson brother has also worked on the small screen in productions like My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Home Fries, Legally Blonde, Best men, Vacancy, Death at a Funeral, Idiocracy, and much more.

Luke is equally successful as an actor and as of 2020, his total fortune was pegged at a whopping $50 million. This amount is expected to increase in the next review as Luke is still very much active in the entertainment industry.

The Wilson brothers are in the same profession

When compared to Owen and Luke’s fame, Andrew’s popularity dims but he started acting before his siblings. The Wilson brothers have proved to be quite corporative, working on several projects together. A good instance is The Wendell Baker Story where Luke played the title character.

The brothers are at different levels of success in the showbiz industry. Though he was the first to start, Andrew who hasn’t been active in the industry for a long time can still boast of $2 million in net worth. Following behind Andrew is the baby of the family Luke whose wealth has exceeded $50 million and still counting.

Owen Wilson is not listed as the most popular of the Wilson brood for nothing, the successful actor has accumulated a jaw-dropping $70 million as his bottom line. This places him way ahead of his big and younger brother and needless to say, Owen is still poised to achieve more milestones. One of his recent movies is Marry Me (2022) which caused quite a buzz.

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Fast facts

Who’s the richest Wilson brother?

Owen Wilson is obviously the richest Wilson brother with his net worth estimated at $70 million. His brothers are also wealthy in their own rights with Luke Wilson wielding a net worth of $50 million while Andrew Wilson has $2 million as his bottom line.

What is Luke Wilson doing these days?

Luke Wilson is still acting and is currently playing Pat Dugan on Stargirl. Some of his recent works are Bobbleheads: The Movie (2020) and 12 Mighty Orphans (2021), Gasoline Alley and Plus/Minus (post-production)

Are Owen and Luke Wilson twins?

Owen Wilson and Luke Wilson are not twins but brothers. While Owen was born on November 18, 1968, Luke was born on September 21, 1971.

Are Owen and Luke Wilson full brothers?

The two actors are blood brothers born to the same parents – Robert Andrew Wilson, and Laura Wilson.

How many Wilson brothers are actors?

All the Wilson brothers are actors. However, Owen is the most popular among them, followed by Luke while Andrew prefers to work behind the camera most of the time.

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