Owen Wilson’ Family Life and Relationship

Hollywood would not be the same without popular faces like Owen Wilson – an actor and voice actor best known for the role he played in the Shanghai movie series and the popular Cars film franchise where he played a voice role. The American movie star has a deluge of successful screen projects which has endeared him to millions of fans all over the world. However, his venturing into an unconventional family life did not go down well with fans. Owen seems to be forever flitting from one relationship to another and to prove this, he has sired three kids from three different women.

Owen Wilson current relationship status

Owen Wilson is one Hollywood heartthrob that has never exchanged marriage vows with any woman in his lifetime. The dude seems to be afraid of settling down to conventional family life as he has had more kids than most people that are married, albeit from different women.

The Hollywood icon has sure lived up to expectations, Owen Wilson has had some of the most beautiful women adorn his love life. He started dating Sheryl Crow, inspiring the singer to record a track about them in her 2002 album. Kate Hudson followed Sheryl and stayed from 2008 to the next year.

Wilson’s short-lived dating history became a streak that continued until they started yielding baby mamas in their numbers.

Here are Owen Wilson’s Baby Mamas

The Hollywood star has three baby mamas so far and from his past history, another one won’t come as a surprise to his fans at all.

His first baby mama is Jade Duell 

Owen Wilson
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After years of moving from one relationship to another, Owen Wilson had a dalliance with Jade Duell – a police officer who gave the actor his first child, Robert Ford Wilson. This made fans very happy as they thought the actor would finally pitch his tent with Jade and become a responsible father to their son.

Regrettably, becoming a father wasn’t strong enough to hold Owen down; the duo separated almost immediately after their son was born in 2011. Notably, they became an item in 2009. Ensuing reports say Wilson was the culprit as the actor was not ready to commit to one woman. His freedom was obviously more important than the lure of family life.

Caroline Lindqvist came after Duell

Owen Wilson
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Owen Wilson’s second baby mama, Caroline Lindqvist was still a married woman when she started a relationship with the Hollywood star. The lady who worked as Wilson’s personal trainer later divorced her husband to go with the actor, however, their dalliance still ended like the others.

Caroline’s former husband is Ritu Chopra who earns a living as a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. They were still together when Caroline was three months pregnant for Wilson and then filed for a divorce. Sadly, she never got wedded to the actor as their relationship also didn’t last long.

Varunie Vongsvirates gave him a baby girl

Lyla is Owen Wilson’s third child and first daughter who he had with his ex-girlfriend, Varunie Vongsvirates. However, the little girl who came into the world in October 2018 appears to bring out the worst in his father. Owen hasn’t deemed it necessary to go visit the little girl since she was born. In June 2018 while in Court, the Hollywood heartthrob checked the no visitation box, an indication that he may never visit the child and doesn’t want to have custody of her.

Owen’s lukewarm attitude notwithstanding, Lyla is his spitting image with the same shade of blond hair, beautiful blue eyes, and fair skin.

Other women dated by Owen Wilson 

Aside from the aforementioned three baby mamas, Owen Wilson has had romantic entanglements with several other women

Sheryl Crow (1999 – 2001)

Owen Wilson
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American actress and singer, Sheryl Crow met Owen on the set of The Minus Man where she shared the screen with the movie star. Crow was just making her debut in the movie while Owen was already a popular name in Hollywood. They later started dating and Crow dedicated a song, Safe and Sound to him; the track chronicled the love story between the two.

Gina Gershon (2000 – 2002)

Gina Gershon’s relationship with Owen Wilson was not confirmed but the duo’s name was linked together between 2000 to 2002. Gina is an actress who gained popularity from productions like Showgirls (1995) and Face/Off (1997).

Kate Hudson (2006 – 2009)

Owen Wilson
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It was while playing the role of Randolph Dupree in Me & Dupree (2006) that Wilson crossed paths with Hollywood beauty, Kate Hudson who portrayed the character of Molly Peterson in the film. Kate was totally smitten with Owen and their relationship appeared to be going somewhere. However, they called it quits in 2007, got back together in 2008, and finally went their separate ways in 2009.

Le Call (2007 – 2008)

When Own Wilson started a relationship with Le Call, she was viewed as a mystery woman as her identity took a long time in surfacing. This made it impossible to know how they met. However, the model enjoyed the actor’s attention while it lasted. The lovebirds were constantly spotted on dinner dates, yoga classes, vacations, and the likes, but it ended within just a year.

Meet the children of Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson’s kids are three in number and their mothers are also three different women who were his girlfriend at one time or the other.

Robert Ford Wilson

Owen Wilson
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His first child is named Robert. Born in 2011, Robert is the son of Owen Wilson and Jade Duell – his first openly acknowledged girlfriend. The duo never exchanged marriage vows and ended things after Robert’s birth.

Owen obviously loves his first fruit as he has been severally spotted in public places with the little boy. The actor’s mother, Laura also showers him with loads of love. The young man hasn’t indicated any interest in following in his dad’s footsteps yet but time will tell.

Finn Lindqvist Wilson

Owen Wilson
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Finn Lindqvist Wilson became Owen Wilson’s second son in 2014. He is the product of the movie star’s relationship with Caroline Lindqvist. According to Owen and Caroline, theirs was a case of two friends who took the decision to have a baby. However, they had long gone their separate ways by the time Finn announced his entrance.

Despite all the controversies their relationship suffered from its early stage, Owen Wilson and Caroline Lindqvist have remained very good friends to date. Just like he does with Robert, Owen also showers Finn with loads of love and affection.

Lyla Aranya Wilson

Owen Wilson
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Owen welcomed his third child and only daughter in 2018. Lyla Aranya Wilson was born to his last baby mama, Vongsvirates. However, the American actor appears not to be happy with the arrival of the girl. He started staying away from her mum immediately after she conceived and reports say he still doesn’t seem to want anything to do with them. Vongsvirates even said Owen is yet to set his eyes on Lyla since she was born.

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Possible reasons he rejected his only daughter

According to some trusted sources, Owen Wilson didn’t contact Vongsvirates throughout her pregnancy period nor did he go to see his baby mama after she gave birth. This is not to say that the movie star wasn’t aware that his girlfriend of almost five years was expecting a baby. In fact, he was informed by Varunie when she was just four weeks gone after they came back from their Hawaiian trip.

Apparently, Wilson initially had doubts about fathering Varunie’s baby as reports say he wasted no time in demanding a DNA test upon hearing that he was set to become a third-time dad.

Going by the reports, fans were wrongly led to believe that the Hollywood icon won’t have any other choice than to do the right thing if the DNA test returns positive. Sadly, even after paternity unequivocally stated that he was responsible, Owen still didn’t want to partake in the little girl’s life – this was deduced from what Varunie has said so far.

On the flip side, we are yet to hear Owen Wilson’s side of the tale, though the actor was said to have blocked all contact with his third baby mama immediately after she conceived, he even went as far as changing his phone number. The truth is that Owen Wilson’s involvement with his daughter’s life seems distant.

After the DNA test was settled, giving Owen Wilson a total conviction of his paternity of Vongsvirates’s daughter, the duo went to court to settle – child support payment was pegged at 25,000 monthly, including a $70,000 one-off payment. The $70,000 was targeted to cover expenses like night nurse, and labor coach, including Vongsvirates’ legal fees.

Towards the end of the court settlement, they brought up visitation rights options for Owen to consider but from what is obvious, the actor does not want much to do with his daughter as he declined to take any visitation rights.

Owen Wilson is a good father to his sons

Owen Wilson may not be doing right by his daughter but the case is totally different with his two sons. It is quite true that the American movie star and their mothers have long separated, but Owen still continues to do a great job as a dad to his boys.

He has been severally spotted in the public space, speaking about his sons. A good instance happened in 2017 when the Hollywood heartthrob showed up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Also, he has been severally spotted with both boys in public.

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