Sherra Wright Robinson: Truths About Lorenzen Wright’s Widow

Profile summary of Sherra Robinson
  • Name: Sherra Wright Robinson
  • Date of birth: 1971
  • Age: 53 years old
  • Place of birth: Tennessee
  • Siblings: Katrina Robinson
  • Spouse: Lorenzen Wright (m. ?–2010)
  • Children: Lorenzen Wright Jr., Loren Wright, Shamar Wright, Sierra Wright, Sofia Wright, Lamar Wright, Lawson Wright
  • Books: Mr. Tell Me Anything

Sherra Wright Robinson is the ex-wife of the murdered basketball player, Lorenzen Wright whose body was found in a lake in Mississippi. Lorenzen’s murder case remained a mystery for seven years until his ex-wife Sherra pleaded guilty to the killing. She got a 30-year sentence with the possibility of parole. Aside from being known as the former wife of Lorenze Wright, Sherra also authored the book, Mr. Tell Me Anything.

Sherra Wright Robinson was born in Tennessee

Sherra Wright Robinson is the daughter of Julius Robinson born n 1971 and her place of birth is captured as Tennessee. The African-American novelist’s mother is not known. All the facts about Sherra, including her growing up years and academic history, have been kept under lock and key to date.

Sherra Wright Robinson is an author

Talking about the woman’s career path, we only got to hear that she is an author with one publication under her name. Her book, Mr. Tell Me Anything was believed to be fiction, but Sherra described it as 99.99% reality and it centered on her life experience. This means that the characters – a philandering and deceitful basketball player who got married to an older woman after moving to Memphis to become a star were talking about her and Lorenzen.

Furthermore, Sherra has announced that she will release a sequel of her initial book Mr. Tell Me Anything where she would journey her readers on the killing of her husband.

Her time together with Lorenzen Wright as husband and wife

Sherra Wright Robinson
Sherra and Lorenzen – image source

Lorenzen met Sherra during his junior year in high school as her father was his coach. The duo commenced dating and had their first child, Lorenzen Jr. before tying the nuptial knot. They went on to have six other children, Loren (daughter), Lamar and Shamar (twin boys), Sofia (daughter), Lawson (son), and their last daughter, Sierra who died in infancy in 2003.

Lorenzen Jr., Shamar, and Lamar are following in their father’s footsteps and are currently playing basketball.

Accusations of infidelity led to their divorce

After living for 13 years as husband and wife, the couple started throwing accusations of infidelity at each other. Their divorce eventually occurred in February 2010. According to what Lorenzen said, they no longer had trust for each other but will try to corporate in co-parenting their children.

It was later revealed that the deceased basketball player constantly battered both his ex-wife and their children which all contributed to the separation and divorce.

What happened between Lorenzen Wright and Sherra Wright Robinson?

Following the couple’s divorce, Lorenzo relocated to Atlanta by the summer of 2010 while Sherra Wright Robinson stayed back in Memphis with their children. The basketballer went home to Memphis one weekend for his sister’s baby shower and his daughter’s dance recital. Hanging out with his friend, Dotson one evening, Lorenzo got a call from his ex, demanding that the NBA player bring their son home immediately.

After he agreed with Sherra, they all drove to her house where Lorenzo alighted after promising to call Dotson so they can go out. That was the last time Dotson set eyes on Lorenzen. This was on July 18, 2010.

A few minutes after midnight, a voice was heard shouting “God” in an incoming call picked by a Germantown, Tennessee, 911 operator before it was followed by loud gunshots. The phone remained silent as the dispatcher was shouting hello.

Lorenzen’s mum, Marion soon filed a missing person report for her son voicing her suspicion of his ex-spouse, Sherra Wright Robinson who told her mother-in-law that Lorenzen was with “some women.”

The Memphis police eventually stumbled on the distressing 911 call nine days later, eventually leading them to the basketball player’s body with gunshot wounds. His remains were discovered in a forested area on a deserted route that the deceased used to take while going to his mother’s house; this happened on July 28.

Lorenzen’s case proved difficult to solve

The police thought that Lorenzen’s case will be an easy one to solve because of his celebrity status, but the reverse was the case. Investigations were conducted for a long time without any useful results. In fact, it was seven years later after the authorities went over the loopholes all over again that results started coming out.

Sherra Wright Robinson who was never implicated in the case moved on but close associates said she was displaying unusual behaviors like lavishing her children’s $1 million life insurance which was set up by their late dad as one of the conditions for their divorce.

Five years after the gruesome murder of the basketball player, Sherra’s novel, “Mr. Tell Me Anything,” hit the bookstand. The publication which was centered on a woman who gets married to an unfaithful and abusive basketball star was thought to be fiction, but Sherra confirmed it to be 99% realty based on her own life experience.

Sherra continued with her life, dated a journalist named Cowan, and moved with him and the kids to Houston. She later moved with the kids to California after breaking up with Cowan. Life seemed to be normal until November 2017 when a huge breakthrough was made in the murder case.

The case was cracked through the discovery of the murder weapon

In a Walnut, Mississippi Lake, about 45 minutes from Sherra Wright Robinson’s former home, the police discovered the gun that was used as the murder weapon in the killing of Lorenzen Wright. The prosecutor later revealed that the breakthrough was all thanks to Wright Robinson’s cousin named Jimmie Martin. Jimmie had been sentenced for committing second-degree murder, three years prior to the basketball player’s death in an unrelated case.

Jimmie told the authorities about being involved in a previous failed attempt to exterminate Lorenzen, Sherra was the mastermind with a man named Billy Ray Turner, he said. Turner was later revealed to be a deacon ministering in a small church where Sherra worshiped. Turner earned a living as a landscaper and a yardman.

A few days after the player disappeared, Sherra and Turner told him about the murder and he assisted in cleaning up the scene of the crime, Martin said. He also narrated how they went to dispose of the murder weapon in the lake in Mississippi. With this lead, investigators put a trail on Sherra and Turner’s phones and on getting hold of incriminating information, arrested the duo and charged them in December 2017.

Sherra first pleaded not guilty to the charges, but on the 25th of July 2019, she pleaded guilty after agreeing on a plea deal. The deal was a wise choice as it earned her a reduced sentence of 30 years behind bars plus parole eligibility, with a possibility of release as early as 2026. Had she gone to trial, Sherra Wright Robinson would have been faced with the prospect of life imprisonment.

The deceased mother was quite happy with the outcome and her daughter-in-law’s arrest, saying that her son can now rest in peace

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