What is Rocky James Prinze’s Age, Net Worth, Is He An Actor?

Profile summary of Rocky James Prinze
  • Name: Rocky James Prinze
  • Date of birth: 21st September 2012
  • Age: 11 years old
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: N/A
  • Parents: Freddie James Prinze (father), Sarah Michelle Gellar (mother)
  • Marital status: Single
  • Net Worth: N/A

Rocky James Prinze is the son of renowned American actor and actress Freddi Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar who are famous for their roles in the horror movie “I Know What You Did Last Summer”. The 11-year-old celebrity kid is the second child born to his parents. Rocky, unlike his sister, does not seem to be into acting like his folks as he appears to love sports. Let’s take a deeper look at the life of the celebrity kid.

Rocky James Prinze was born in Los Angeles to celebrity parents

Rocky James Prinze was born on 21st September 2012 in Los Angeles, California, the United States, to his parents Freddie Prinze Jr who is a Catholic, and Sarah Michelle Gellar who is of Hungarian Jewish descent. There is no data pertaining to his educational background but with famous and well-to-do parents like his, there is no doubt that the youngster is getting a formal education as most celebrity kids usually get to study in private schools.

He has a sister named Charlotte Prinze. Rocky comes from a family of actors as both his parents and sister are involved in the entertainment industry. Even his grandfather Frederick James Prinze was also an American actor and stand-up comedian but up until this point, the famous kid has not shown much interest in becoming an actor as he seems to love boxing and skateboarding instead, who knows, he might become an athlete.

Inside Rocky James Prinze’s intriguing family of actors

Rocky James Prinze’s parents as earlier mentioned are both actors lets know more about them

Freddie Prinze

Rocky James Prinze
Freddie Prinze image source

Rocky’s father Freddie Prinze is a popular Hollywood actor, writer, and producer who is popular for his role in projects like She’s All That, Scooby-Doo, I Know What You Did Last Summer, etc. The American actor was born on March 8, 1976, in Los Angeles, the U.S. He made his movie debut playing the role of Joey Bost in the movie To Gillian on her 37th Birthday in1996 and in 1995 made his television debut in Family Matters as the tough guy.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Rocky James Prinze

His mother Sarah Michelle Gellar is also an actress by profession and she is popular for her role in the movie I Know What You Did Last Summer. Sarah was born on April 14, 1977, in Long Island, New York. Sarah is not only an actress but she is also a producer and an entrepreneur who has won awards for her outstanding performance in a drama series and has also featured in a controversial television commercial for Burger King.

She made her debut in acting at the age of four, playing the role of Jennifer Bianchi in the television film An Invasion of Privacy in 1983 alongside Carol Kane and Valerie Harper.

As an entrepreneur, Sarah founded Foodstirs an e-commerce startup where she sells baking skits, and in 2017, she released her own cookbook titled “Stirring Up Fun with Food”.

Charlotte Prinze

Charlotte Prinze was born in 2009, she is the first child of Freddie Prinze and Sarah Michelle Gellar which makes her an elder sister to Rocky, and just like her parents, Charlotte is also involved in the entertainment industry. Information regarding her exact date of birth and educational background is not known to us for now.

Rocky’s Parents met on a movie set

The popular parents of Rocky James Prinze have been together for more than two decades now. Their career was what brought them together as they both got to meet each other on the set of the teen horror movie titled I Know What You Did Last Summer in 1997 but started dating in 2000 and by the year 2001, the two got engaged and eventually got married on September 1, 2002, in Mexico.

A few years into their marriage, the couple welcomed their first child (Charlotte) and after 3 years into the birth of Charlotte they welcomed their second child – a son (Rocky)

The couple has been married for 21 years now and is still living happily together in their beautiful home situated in Los Angeles. They are said to be one of Hollywood’s long-lasting favorite couples and have jointly featured in quite a number of movies together such as Scooby-Doo, Happily Ever After, and also in the animated science fiction series titled Star Wars Rebels.

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Rocky suffers from myopia

The famous kid suffers from myopia which simply means that he has nearsightedness. This was first noticed by his mother when she saw him straining to look at the screen during his online classes. At first they thought it was just a strain until they booked an appointment with the eye doctor who confirmed that he did not just have myopia but that it was progressing very fast.

Rocky’s personal life

As earlier mentioned Rocky James Prinze is still in the early stage of his life and so is too young to be in any relationship right now nor has he been in any past relationship in the past. The youngster is still believed to be enjoying his life as a famous kid and is gradually discovering his talent and will decide on a career path in the nearest future. Rocky James Prinze is sure someone to watch out for.

The famous kid is not on any social media platform

For now, Rocky James Prinze is not available on any social media platform as his family is still very much protective of him so as to avoid exposing his personal life to the public as he is still very young to handle what comes with being a celebrity.

What is Rocky James Prinze’s net worth?

The celebrity kid is still growing and so has not started earning for himself. Presently, it is safe to say that he is enjoying all the luxuries of life from his parent’s wealth as his father Freddie Prinze has a net worth estimated to be $30 million and his mother  Sarah Gellar has a net worth estimated to be around $20 million.

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