Is Karen Sue Trent Still Alive, When Was she Born?

Profile summary of Karen Sue Trent
  • Name: Karen Sue Trent
  • Date of birth: March 14, 1948
  • Age: 76
  • Place of birth: West Virginia, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: NA
  • Parents: NA
  • Height: NA
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Years active: 1954 to 1963
  • Net worth: NA

Born on March 14, 1948, Karen Sue Trent is listed among the actresses that had a short-lived career in the entertainment industry but left fans with an everlasting impression that is still remembered to date. Her career spanned from the middle of the 1950s to the early 1960s but that short expanse of time was action-packed. As a juvenile actress, Trent set a record as the foremost and perhaps the only child star that played a lead in a naturist film.

That particular record has never been broken by anyone and towards the end of the ’50s, she appeared to be well on the way to building a thriving career in the entertainment industry until an unfortunate incident brought an end to her dreams of becoming one of the best actresses of all time. Now, why did Karen Sue Trent call it quits with the showbiz industry, let’s find out.

What is Karen Sue Trent’s age?

The 14th of March 1948 is the date Karen Sue Trent was born and this puts the actress’ age at 76. West Virginia City in the United States of America is where Karen was born and according to reports, she probably grew up in her place of birth. Many grey areas exist in the entertainer’s background and notable among them are the identities of her family members. To date, she never mentioned her parents’ names and no one can tell whether she is an only child or shared her childhood with siblings.

The dearth of information on her early life and family background is blamed on the fact that Karen’s stint in the public eye was cut short. This is also the reason her academic history never made it to the public arena. We only know that she commenced acting very early and within a short period of time, set a stellar record that hasn’t been broken to date.

She first acted in a nudist movie, Garden of Eden (1954)

Karen Sue Trent
Karen on the set of Leave It to Beaver image source

At barely six-year-old, Karen Sue Trent commenced her acting career; she appeared in a naturist film, playing a major role that is unusual for a child of that age. It all happened on the set of the 1954 Garden of Eden where the juvenile actress was featured to give expression to the role of Joan Latimore. The youngster did a perfect job of bringing the Joan character to life.

One notable fact about Garden of Eden is that the Max Nosseck-directed movie is a nudist film as suggested by its name. The movie was co-produced by competent hands like Norval E. Packwood and Walter Bibo.

From what is perceivable, Karen Sue Trent greatly impressed casting directors with her debut performance: this is deduced from the fact that the juvenile actress started scoring back-to-back roles subsequently.

Her next role was realized in 1957 in the television series entitled, Matinee Theatre. In 1958, she scored a couple of roles on the sets of two TV series, playing Hattie Meek in Death Valley Days and appearing in Shirley Temple’s Storybook. 1959 was when the actress played an uncredited role as Oma Jean in the TV series, Wagon Train.

Karen Sue Trent recorded her most popular role as Penny Woods in Leave It to Beaver – a television series that lasted from 1960 to 1962, Karen appeared in a total of 14 episodes with a great performance that made her more popular. She had the privilege of sharing the screen with the likes of Jerry Mathers who breathed life into the character of Theodore “The Beaver” Cleaver. After she played Lorrie in the 1963 series entitled The Rifleman, Karen took the conscious decision to quit acting.

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Karen Sue Trent’s reasons for calling it quits with acting?

By the time she joined the cast of The Rifleman in 1963, Karen was already growing into a beautiful young woman and was all set to take her acting career far into the future. However, she had to change her plans following a life-threatening incident that occurred on the set of The Rifleman.

Reports say she was playing a young lady sinking in quicksand when things took an unexpected turn. Though she did not drown in the quicksand, Karen ended up with some serious injuries that led her to quit the acting scene.

Is Karen Sue Trent dead or alive?

People who suddenly disappear from the limelight after testing fame usually spark a lot of death rumors. Though Trent has not surfaced on the screen since her last gig in 1963, the former child actress is still alive and kicking. Her current career path is not known but being 76 years old translates to retirement for many.

The septuagenarian is probably enjoying her retirement in quietude, surrounded by family and loved ones, and from what is perceivable, she is not likely to make a comeback to the screen.

Movies and TV shows for Karen Sue Trent

TV series

• Matinee Theatre (1957)
• Death Valley Days as Hattie Meek (1958)
• Shirley Temple’s Storybook (1958)
• Wagon Train as Oma Jean (1959)
• Leave It to Beaver as Penny Woods / Cowgirl (1960-1962)
• The Riffleman as Lorrie (1963)


• Garden of Eden as Joan Latimore (1954)

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