Where is Eamon Farren From? The Dig Star’s Movies and TV Shows

Profile summary of Eamon Farren
  • Name: Eamon Farren
  • Date of birth: 19th of May 1985
  • Age: 38 years old
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Education: The Benowa State High School and the National Institute of Dramatic Art
  • Parents: N/A
  • Height: N/A
  • Occupation: Acting
  • Years active: 2001 to date
  • Net worth: N/A
  • Eamon Faren’s Instagram: Eamon Farren
  • Twitter: @eamonfarren

Born in North Queensland, Eamon Farren is a citizen of Australia. The movie and television actor went through his childhood with the sole aspiration of ending up in the movie world as an actor and needless to say, that particular dream came to fruition. Today, he has appeared in a plethora of movies and TV shows, and most notable among them is the series Twin Peaks where he breathed life into the character of Richard Horne in 2017.

The celebrated actor is equally known for other gigs, including Chained (2012) and X: Night of Vengeance (2011). To say the least, his hard work and dedication to his chosen career have made Eamon a multi-award-winning actor and from what is obvious, the movie star is just beginning.

Eamon Farren hails from Australia

There is a dearth of information about Eamon Farren’s early life and family background, but it is common knowledge that the star of Twin Peaks is an Australian by nationality. In fact, his place of birth reads North Queensland, and the 38-year-old actor was born on the 19th of May in 1985.

During his growing up years, Eamon’s folks moved a lot and when he just turned six, they relocated very close to the Gold Coast and decided to put down roots in the region. Consequently, the movie star spent a better part of his formative years there and according to him, they were memorable days.

Describing his happy and colorful childhood in an interview session, Eamon Farren narrated how he enjoyed great beach night parties by the water and while partying, they will be entertained with sweet music. Those beach get-togethers obviously formed a huge chunk of the actor’s childhood memories as he has constantly referred to them, describing the parties as the best he ever witnessed.

He graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Art

The young Eamon had always desired to end up in the movie industry, according to the film and TV actor, he started telling family and friends about his intention to join the movie world from an early stage. Even when he was advised to get a plan “B” by the side, Eamon never took any of the counsel seriously as he had all his mind focused on becoming an actor.

Thus, when he started going to school, the movie star did so with the intention of honing his natural prowess in the performing arts. While in Queensland attending the Benowa State High School, Eamon Farren went for the institution’s French Immersion Program where the students receive a good number of their lessons in French.

To fulfill his long-held dream of becoming a movie star, the actor proceeded to NIDA (the National Institute of Dramatic Art) where he studied for an acting degree, graduating in 2007. The youngster was just 22 at the time of his graduation and ready to move fully into the moving movie world with determination to succeed.

Is Eamon Farren related to Cillian Murphy?

It was once rumored that Eamon Farren and Cillian Murphy (Cillian acted as Thomas Shelby in the Peaky Blinders series) have blood ties. The talks about their possible family ties were sparked by their uncanny resemblance to each other. However, the speculations were found to be unfounded after both confirmed that they were not related in any way.

It was just a rare case of coming in contact with one’s doppelganger and since fans have finally come to terms with the fact that the celebrity duo has no family connections, they finally let the matter rest. Albeit, they are still recommending movie makers to take advantage and produce a script that will accommodate the two look-alike actors.

Eamon Farren has shown the right signs of becoming a prolific actor

Eamon Farren
Eamon Farren on a movie set doing what he knows best image source

Eamon Farren’s television show gigs preceded his movie gigs. Things started working out for the actor in the early 2000s when he scored his debut onscreen role in 2002, depicting the character of Levi Miller on the set of the TV show, The Outsider. Closely behind his debut was a guest role he landed in The Sleepover Club – the Australian live-action series in 2003.

After putting in quality time with several Australian theater companies such as Sydney Theater Company, the Belvoir Street Theater, and the Griffin Theater Company, Eamon joined the cast of the 2010 HBO miniseries entitled, The Pacific, playing Cpl. John Powell.

In 2008, he worked in visual arts with a starring role in The Man In The Attic – a production of Sydney Theatre Co. After he was featured in the movie Lucky Country and the TV series entitled, All Saint, Farren scored a leading role in Chained – a movie by Jennifer Lynch where he played the role of Rabbit. He landed his next major role on the set of Carlotta, breathing life into the character of the transgender who goes by the name, Danny/Ava.

Even with his extensive work in the movies, Eamon Farren never lost sight of the theater as he showed up in stage productions in 2014, appearing in Girl Asleep as Elliot and in Switzerland as Edward Ridgeway. The stage gigs were to be adapted to film.

The Present – a stage production from Sydney Theatre Co had him playing the role of Kirill in 2015 and reprised the same role a couple of years later in 2017; this was for its Broadway production.

Perhaps the actor’s best-known role to date is that of Richard Horne which he played in Twin Peaks – the revival of the United States television series that was the flavor of 2017.

Eamon Farren’s movies and TV shows


  • Perfect as Redcoat Soldier – 2004/IV
  • Blessed as Roo – 2009
  • Dark Frontier as Jimmy – 2009
  • A Parachute Falling in Siberia as Sales Assistant – 2010
  • Wanderlust as George – 2010
  • Crystal Jam as James – 2010
  • X as Harry 2011
  • Jailbirds as Dane – 2011
  • Red Dog as Dave – 2011
  • Snobs as Boyfriend – 2011
  • Three Sixty as Roc – 2012
  • Chained as Rabbit – 2012/I
  • Careless Love as Patrick – 2012
  • The Fragments as Michael – 2013
  • Love Is Now as Dean – 2014
  • Carlotta as Danny / Ava – 2014
  • Test Drive as Cal – 2014
  • The Killing Field as Damian Jeffries – 2014
  • Girl Asleep as Adam / Benoit Tremet – 2015
  • Measuring The Jump as Adam 2016
  • Lion as Luke (uncredited) -2016
  • Mohawk as Joshua Pinsmail – 2017
  • The Suitor as Mr. Nuttel – 2017
  • Winchester as Ben Block – 2018
  • Harmony as Jimmy – 2018/I
  • Lingua Franca as Alex – 2019
  • The Dig as John Brailsford – 2021

TV series

  • The Outsider as Levi Miller – 2002
  • Sleepover Club as Dim – 2003
  • All Saints as Caleb / Cody Frost – 2008 t0 2009
  • The Pacific as Cpl. John Powell – 2010
  • Rescue Special Ops as Arrow – 2010
  • Twin Peaks as Richard Horne – 2017
  • The ABC Murders as Cust – 2018
  • The Witcher as Cahir – 2019-2021