Who is Irita Marriott, The Antiques Road Trip Star? Husband, Family

Irita Marriott is a Latvian antique dealer, businesswoman, reality television star, and journalist. She is the newest addition to the BBC 2 show, Antiques Road Trip, a position she landed in 2021. Irita is married and has two sons. Still, the identity of her husband has remained a mystery as she has not yet spoken about him publicly. Here is all you need to know about the BBC latest antique expert and her life.

Profile summary of Irita Marriott
  • Name: Irita Marriott
  • Date of birth: N/A
  • Age: N/A
  • Place of birth: Latvia
  • Nationality: Latvian
  • Education: College level
  • Marital status: Married
  • Height: 68 inches (5 feet 6 inches)
  • Occupation: BBC Journalist
  • Years active: 2008-present
  • Net worth: N/A
  • Instagram: @iritamarriott

What is Irita Marriott’s nationality?

Irita Marriott is Latvian by nationality. She was born and raised in Latvia where she lived for most of her childhood and early adult life. There is presently no mention of Irita’s parents, including information on their names, nationalities, occupations, and ethnicity. Anyways, the BBC staff is Caucasian by ethnicity. She doesn’t seem to want to reveal much about herself, and details like her age, date of birth, and more have remained hidden from the public. However, some online sources claim she was born in 1984.

In the same way that her birth details are hidden, so is her educational background. Irita attended high school and middle school in her Latvian home country, but information about what schools and when she attended them has been kept away from the public. At this point, it’s definitely clear that Irita intentionally keeps her private life personal and doesn’t share more than she has to. Irita is a lovely woman, physically speaking. She stands well above average height, has ginger hair and blue eyes, and has a mesomorph body type.

Irita Marriott is the CEO of her own company

Irita Marriott is a businesswoman, as well as an antique dealer and expert. She is the CEO and founder of Irita Marriott Antiques, her own company, which she started in the 2000s. In 2021, Irita became the newest addition to the BBC fold, after she was hired as the company’s new antiques expert. She appears on the show, Antiques Road Trip along with other experts and journalists. The full-time antique dealer is presently based in the UK.

Although she was born in Latvia, she revealed that she left her birth country for the United Kingdom when she was in her twenties. It is not strange to learn this though because when most people feel limited by their present environment, the determined ones make a move to the next step by leaving their comfort zones behind. Well, Irita is certainly one of those brave and bold people. She came to the United Kingdom with the intention of making a career out of selling antiques and has made good on her ambitions.

Irita hadn’t always been into antique dealing, however, as she dabbled into other businesses for a while until she eventually discovered her passion. As a dealer in old but valuable property, Irita has held positions as a cataloguer and valuer. She specifically worked in those capacities in a popular auction house located in Derbyshire. With a career experience that spans over 8 years, Irita has not only started up her own company but has moved into full-time dealing. She now specializes in decorative antiques that are sourced from various locations in Europe.

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Her decision to come to the United Kingdom with the intention of making a career out of selling antiques is one she has done an impressive job of—especially when you count her BBC job. The show, Antiques Road Trip follows its cast members as they travel to various locations in Europe with a spending budget of $200. They are instructed to “hunt” for cheap but valuable antiques that could eventually be resold for profit.

Most recently, Irita has been paired with Phillip Serrell, in the show’s latest episode. Both found themselves in Northumberland where Phil bid for an antique pump, while Irita tried to buy a French work of art made in the Pre-Raphaelite-style in the village of Ford. Some of the most notable cast members of the show include David Harper, Roo Irvine, Paul Martin, Philip Serrell, Natasha Raskin Sharp, and Raj Bisram.

Is Irita Marriott married?

Yes, the antique dealer is married, and this information came directly from her. In a short bio that was posted on her professional business website, Marriott made the following assertions saying, “I am married, with two lovely sons.” But as of 2022, this is, unfortunately, all that is known about the businesswoman’s romantic life. Her interviews and television appearances have been primarily work-based and she has not spoken about her partner in public. Details about her husband’s name, age, occupation, nationality, and how he met her are not known.

No one also knows when he married her and what type of wedding ceremony they had. A little calculation seems to suggest that they have been married for at least a decade, but this is all speculation since Irita herself has not confirmed anything else about her marriage. Irita also carefully protects her family’s identities also as there are no pictures of her husband on any of her social media pages. Her Instagram account only has work-related content on it and like everything Irita does, that is very well deliberately done.

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Does Irita Marriott have children?

Yes, Irita Marriott has two children and like almost all the information we have managed to garner on Irita’s personal life, this fact was put out on her website. According to her short bio, she is the mother of two boys as of 2021. Since she has made several television appearances and hasn’t shown up pregnant in any one of them, it’s safe to conclude that the number of her children has remained constant since 2021.

There is no further information on her kids, like their names, how old they are, and what they look like. Their mother doesn’t make any social media posts about them and it seems Irita is only concerned about keeping her family private. Considering how tough things could get for celebrity children in today’s world, we certainly can’t fault Irita Marriott for her choices regarding her family.

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