Who Is Justice Mellencamp, John Mellencamp’s Daughter?

Profile summary of Justice Mellencamp
  • Name: Justice Mellencamp
  • Date of birth: August 24, 1985
  • Age: 38
  • Place of birth: Indiana, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: Hilton Head Preparatory School
  • Parents: John Mellencamp and Victoria Granucci
  • Marital status: Married
  • Spouse: Michael Moore
  • Height: 5 feet 5 inches
  • Occupation: Hairstylist
  • Years active: 2012 – present
  • Net worth: NA
  • Instagram: @justicemellencamp
  • Twitter: @jjmellencamp

Justice Mellencamp is an Indiana-born professional hairstylist and is the second child born to John Mellencamp and Victoria Granucci. Both of her parents are well-known celebrities. Her father John Mellencamp is an American songwriter, music personality, and actor whereas her mother Victoria Granucci is an American actress.

Kids born into a celebrity home automatically become celebrities which have been the case for Justice Mellencamp. The star kid has been the talk of every media outlet from the day she was born as her parents are public figures. This fact has made Justice Mellencamp a person of interest to the public and media. This article gives you closure on the personal and professional life of Justice Mellencamp.

How old is Justice Mellencamp?

Justice Mellencamp is currently 38 years old as she was born on August 24, 1985, to her father John Mellencamp, and mother Victoria Granucci in Indiana, United States. Justice is of American nationality and her zodiac sign is Virgo.

The Indiana- born beauty is not an only child as she has siblings, an older sister Teddi Mellencamp with whom she shares the same father and mother, and a half-sister and half brothers (Michelle Mellencamp, Hud Mellencamp, and Speck Mellencamp) from her father’s previous marriage and affairs.

Justice and her sister were groomed in Sea Pines by their mother after her parents got divorced and just like every other celebrity kid, she must have lived a comfortable life and had a good educational background. The celebrity kid had her formal education at Sea Pines Montessori before she went ahead to attend Hilton Head Preparatory School for 12 years. Hilton Head was where she met and became friends with her husband, Michael Moore.

What does John Mellencamp’s daughter do?

When one has prominent parents like that of Justice, It is expected that at least one of their children would inherit their talents and possibly take on the same career path as their parents. In the case of Justice, it was her sister Teddi Mellencamp that has some acting talents like their parents and has featured on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Justice Mellencamp on the other hand went ahead to create a career path for herself in the beauty world as a professional hair stylist and with hard work has become one of the best-known hair stylists in her region. Additionally, she has an artistic side as she loves to paint and draw some sketches.

The hairstylist worked at Fifth Avenue Hair Salon after the birth of her first child. Currently, she works as a hairdresser at Platinum Design and has been working there since 2012.

Justice Mellencamp’s father is recognized in the entertainment industry

Justice’s father, John Mellencamp was born on October 7, 1951. He is a well-recognized American musician, songwriter, actor, painter, and film director. As a musician, he was 14 years old when he created his first band named Crepe Soul and also got the chance to perform with many other local bands such as The Mason Brothers, Trash, and Snakepit Banana Barn.

Prior to Justice’s father John Mellencamp getting married to her mother, he was once married to a lady named Priscilla Esterline whom he had a daughter named Michelle Mellencamp with. After he separated from Priscilla, John was in and out of many relationships and in the process got to father two other kids named Hud Mellencamp and Speck Mellencamp.

Who is Justice Mellencamp’s mother?

Justice Mellencamp’s mother as earlier mentioned is Victoria Granucci. She is an American actress and writer who is recognized as the ex-wife of John Mellencamp. She was born on November 26, 1958, in the United States and is the youngest of four children born to her parents. As an actress, Victoria has appeared on TV shows and movies such as Charlie’s Angels, Happy Days, Chips, Fantasy Island, Love Boat, and many others. She has also appeared in some of John Mellencamp’s music videos.

The ex-celebrity wife is a very versatile person as she is a writer and writes for the Noblemania website. She also worked as a model after she had graduated from high school.

Justice Mellencamp’s parents met for the first on a blind date

Justice’s parents John Mellencamp and Victoria Granucci met on a blind date and John seeing Victoria for the first time became attracted to her beauty.  The duo had a connection when they spoke and after some time began dating.

As their relationship progressed, the lovebirds decided to take it to the next level by getting married on May 21, 1981. Their wedding was attended by close friends and family. In that same year on July 1, 1981, the couple welcomed their first child and daughter named Teddi Jo Mellencamp, and after four years they welcomed their second child and daughter named Justice Mellencamp in 1985.

Their marriage progressed smoothly and things were going on fine for them until they began having misunderstandings as John cheated on her while he was on tour. Victoria, unable to forgive him, decided to get a divorce and it was finalized on July 7, 1989.

Who is Justice Mellencamp married to?

Besides being a celebrity kid and a professional hair stylist, Justice Mellencamp is also a wife and a mother. The hairstylist is happily married to her childhood friend turned sweetheart Michael Moore. Her husband is a real estate agent working for Schembra Real Estate Group.

The couple dated each other for more than a year before deciding to get hitched on October 4, 2002. Their wedding ceremony took place at her father’s house on Daufusike in the presence of their parents, friends, and other family members. The couple is so in love with each other that they do not hesitate to share their romantic pictures on their Instagram accounts.

Justice and her husband welcomed their first child and son named Trent Moore on September 11, 2005, after which 11 years later they had their second child and daughter named DoDo Moore on May 31, 2016. Their third child named Woods Mellencamp was welcomed on May 12, 2021.

Justice Mellencamp’s net worth is still under review

For a professional hair stylist who started her career in 2012, Justice Mellencamp is doing well for herself but her net worth is still under review. However, some estimated figures making the rounds on the internet peg it at a whopping $30 million. From calculations, the hairstylist is said to be earning around $20,188 annually. Justice’s main source of income is her job as a hairstylist.

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