Who Is Marianne Ayer, Her Link To Michael Strahan’s Ex-wife?

Marianne Ayer’s profile summary
  • Name: Marianne Ayer
  • Date of birth: January 20, 1964
  • Age: 60
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac sign: Aquarius
  • Height: 5 feet 9 inches
  • Marianne Ayer’s Instagram: @marianneayer
  • Twitter: @Mariduke4

Marianne Ayer (born January 20, 1964 Age: 60) is the ex-close friend of Michael Strahan’s ex-wife, Jean Strahan (Muggli).

The only reason Marianne Ayer makes it into the limelight every once in a while is because of her connection to Michael Strahan’s ex-wife Jean Strahan whom she used to be friends with. The two made the headlines in 2021 after Jean maliciously spread nude pictures of Ayer and also violated restraining orders by trying to visit her former friend in her home.

Marianne Ayer’s background information is still unfolding

Absolutely nothing about Marianne Ayer’s early years has been made public. The closest information about her is that she was 57 years old at the time her ex-girlfriend was arrested for harassing her. There are also reports that she celebrates her birthday on January 20. Going by these tidbits, it can be deduced that Marianne Ayer was born on January 20, 1964.

The identity of her birth family members is not available in the public space yet. We are yet to get the details about her parents and if she has any siblings with whom she grew up. At the same time, her early educational background is not available. It is just obvious that she is from a White American background, going by her physical features.

Marianne Ayer is reportedly a nurse

While the full details of her career life are yet to be confirmed, it has been reported that Marrianne Ayer is a nurse who works at Redwood Family Practice. Her reported career suggests that she is well educated up to the tertiary level.

Aside from the foregoing, no other detail is available about the current job she has. She stays away from social media, making it hard to get information about her life and career.

She was in a toxic relationship with Jean Strahan

It is not known when they were friends but it has come to public notice that Marianne Ayer and Jean Strahan were close pals before their relationship turned sour. According to Ayer, Jean is a “sociopath and narcissist” and made her life hell most of the time, even after they went their separate ways.

In her statement to The Sun, Ayer stated:

“She [Jean] is a sociopath and narcissist. If you get in her path, she will say and do anything, she does not care.

“She is very scary, evil, and vile. She is vindictive, dangerous, and mad.”

The two women were very close friends for many years and were neighbors in New Jersey. Things were going well for them until they decided to combine their money and share rent in 2021. Thus, they moved in together in New York City to cut down costs. At the same time, Jean who was already divorced from Michael Strahan was sharing custody of their kids with him and there was the need to move to New York to make things easier.

According to reports, Jean became verbally abusive to Ayer’s son, Danny once they moved in together. Though she later dismissed it as the effect of tiredness, Ayer wouldn’t have any of it. Jeane was allegedly making up allegations against Danny and at the climax of their squabble, she threw Ayer’s things into the basement.

“Danny called while I was at a funeral in South Carolina. When I came back she had thrown all of my things into the basement and changed all the locks. My name was not on the lease,” Marianne said.

Jean Strahan was arrested for harassing Marianne Ayer

In June 2021, Marianne and Jean made the headlines when the latter was arrested at Marianne’s home after she got a protection order. Aside from violating restraining orders, Jean was also accused of sharing topless pictures of Marianne on the street. She was seen holding the pictures as police took her away in handcuffs.

The incident took place on the day Marianne was moving out of the home they shared. Jean followed her to her new place with topless photos of her which she shared on the streets to humiliate her. “She was handing them out to passersby. She wanted to harass and humiliate me.” Footage obtained by The Sun actually shows the picture of a woman that looks like Marianne Ayer.

Among the crimes which Marianne accused her former friend of committing are larceny, harassment, forceful touching, disorderly conduct, and coercion.

Marianne further publicly apologized to Jean Strahan’s ex-husband Michael Strahan, saying she now sees his side of things. Jean and the Good Morning America host have been in endless divorce battles and custody woes since their marriage ended in 2006. According to Marianne, Jean was always coming up with lies about her ex and looking for new ways to get more money from him.

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Does Marianne Ayer have children with Michael Strahan?

There have been several misconceptions about the true relationship between Marianne Ayer and Michael Strahan. The truth is that there is nothing between them, aside from the fact that Marianne was friends with Michael’s ex-wife Jean. Michael Strahan and Jean were married from 1999 to 2006 before ending things in a nasty divorce.

The divorce saw the former American football player pay Jean the sum of $15.3million plus $18,000 a month in child support. Though the actual divorce proceeding came to an end in 2006, the former couple has been in and out of court since then with Jean coming up with more and more claims.

One of her recent claims came in 2019 when she filed a new case against Michael, accusing him of owing her $500,000 which was purported to be for their children’s equestrian expenses She also demanded an additional $321,654 for the years she claimed Michael didn’t pay enough in child support. Since then, it has been from one lawsuit to another.

On the other hand, Marianne Ayer, 60, has four kids but their father is unknown. One of her children is named Danny, however, the names of the rest of them have not been determined.

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