Cydney Bernard Bio – Inside The Life and Career Of Jodie Foster’s Ex–Partner

Profile summary of Cydney Bernard
  • Name: Cydney Bernard
  • Date of birth: March 30, 1953
  • Age: 71
  • Place of birth: United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Parents: Tom Bernard
  • Siblings: Dustin Bernard
  • Marital status: Single
  • Spouse: Jodie Foster (ex-girlfriend)
  • Children: Kit Bernard Foster, Charles Bernard Foster
  • Height: NA
  • Occupation: Producer
  • Years active: 1990 to date
  • Net worth: $500,000

Born on March 30, 1953, Cydney Bernard is an American production manager who is better known as the ex-girlfriend of Hollywood movie star Jodie Foster. It’s rare to see creatives who work in the production department of Hollywood take the spotlight as most times it’s the actors and actresses that are usually in the limelight. Cydney Bernard came to the limelight because of her relationship with Jodie Foster, a famous American actress. Read on for more details about the life of Jodie Foster’s ex-partner.

Who is Cydney Bernard and how old is she?

Cydney Bernard was born on 30th March 1953 in the United States of America, making her 71 years old. We only know her father’s name as Tom Bernard but other details like her mother’s identity, her parents’ background, and occupation are not known. The specific city where Cydney Bernard was born is not known as that aspect of her life has not been uncovered by any source. The popular producer has a brother named Dustin Bernard who by profession is also a production manager like his sister.

The producer has not disclosed anything pertaining to her educational background. However, it’s assumed that she must have had her basic education and also a degree certificate from a recognized institution based on her profession and social status.

She started her career as a production coordinator

The production manager initially started as a production coordinator and then moved to production manager before she finally became a producer. She has been active as a producer since 1989 and has been linked to a good number of productions such as the comedy/indie film titled Cold Feet where she worked as a production coordinator, the comedy/romance film L.A. Story (1991), the drama/romance film Sommersby, the comedy/fantasy film A Mom for Christmas (1990).

In 1993, Cydney worked as the assistant production manager on the film Family Prayers then went ahead in 1994 to work as the production supervisor in the drama film titled The Client. She also worked as the production supervisor on the science-fiction movie Roswell.

She served as a production manager in 1996 on the adventure movie Loch Ness and has also served as a unit production manager on the following projects Ruby Jean and Joe, L Word, Off the Map, etc. It was not until 2000 that she became a producer and went ahead to produce the following;

  • Ratz (2000) – fantasy/comedy film
  • A Girl Thing (2001) – TV Drama
  • Spinning Boris (2003) – Comedy/ drama film

Cydney Bernard’s ex-partner Jodi Foster

Jodi Foster is a well-known American actress who has made a name for herself in Hollywood and the entertainment industry in general. She was born Alicia Christain “Jodie” Foster on November 19, 1962. Foster has been in the entertainment industry for years after she started at the exceptionally youthful age of three when she appeared in the Coppertone television advertisement in 1965.

The actress made her TV debut in 1968 when she featured in the television sitcom titled Mayberry R.F.D and in 1972 made her film debut in Disney’s Napoleon and Samantha. Jodie Foster’s breakthrough in the film industry came when she landed the role to play a child prostitute in the psychological thriller film titled Taxi Driver and has ever since become popular and has been landing different roles from various producers.

Cydney and Jodi first met each other on the set of a movie in 1993

Cydney Bernard
Cydney Bernard and Jodie Foster image source

Cydney and Jodie first met while they were both on set for the movie Sommersby which was produced in 1993. Jodie played the character of Laurel Sommersby while Bernard was working as a production coordinator.

The two ladies while working together got acquainted with each other and along the line developed affection for each other. Shortly after they rounded up production on the movie, Cydney and Jodie had a date and in a short space of time started dating in 1993. They even went further to move in together with each lady putting on an eternity ring from Tiffany on their wedding fingers.

Their relationship is the type you could almost call a perfect match. They shared a lot in common such as their view about parenting, cooking, as well as their love for yoga which they attended classes and likewise practiced together.

The pair were seen together most of the time like when they went for walks, vacations, and getaways but many never thought they were dating as they kept their relationship a secret from the world. People who saw them together then felt they were just best of friends who loved being around each other.

They never allowed their relationship to affect their work and career as they both still remained focused on growing their respective careers with Jodie Foster landing more roles in different movies and TV series and Cydney Bernard managing more movie production projects.

Cydney and Foster came clean about their relationship in 2017

Nothing is hidden under the sun they say. The two lovers could not keep their relationship a secret for too long as the whole affair later came out in the open after long suspicion from fans and the media. While rumors were going around that the pair were dating, people then began questioning their sexuality.

In December 2017, Jodie Foster came clean about her relationship with Cydney Bernard at the annual Women in Entertainment Breakfast event where she was to be honored. Cydney had accompanied Foster alongside Foster’s mother and other family members. This was happening after 14 years of being together as a couple.

In the process of Foster receiving an award, she gave a vote of thanks speech in which she acknowledged her lover Cydney and this confirmed all suspicions about their relationship. The main event that finally confirmed people’s suspicion was when Jodie publicly opened up about her sexuality that she is gay; this happened at the 70th Golden Globe Awards where she won the Cecil B. DeMille Award.

Cydney Bernard and Foster have two sons

Bernard and Jodie Foster both welcomed two kids together. The pair had a baby through a sperm donor, which was how Jodie conceived and bore the kids. It’s been rumored that the sperm donor is Randy Stone, a gay movie director who is also a friend to Cydney and Jodie.

Cydney was very supportive of Jodie throughout her pregnancy and would always make time to care for and look after her. Their sons bear both their names Charles Bernard Foster and Kit Bernard Foster and they were both raised by their parents in West Hollywood.

Charles Bernard Foster

Charles Bernard Foster is the first child of Cydney and Jodie. He was born on July 20, 1998. Not much is known about him like where he was born, where he did his high school, his hobbies, and many more. However, the youngster is said to be developing a passion for acting as confirmed by his parents. Hollywood is there to receive him whenever he is ready.

Kid Bernard Foster

Kid Bernard Foster is the second child born to Jodie Foster and Cydney Bernard. He was born on 29th September 2001 and just like his older brother, there is not much information available about him as their parents have made a good effort to ensure their privacy is not invaded and have kept them away from the media and public eye.

His mother has also cited that just like his brother Charles, Kid has also shown interest in the entertainment industry but this time not in acting. He chose music as he loves to play the trombone.

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Cydney Bernard and Foster separated after 15 years of living together

Bernard and Foster were together for 15 years before they decided to part ways for reasons best known to them. This development came as a shock to many as they thought the pair was living happily with their kids and going about their normal lives. There were lots of rumors surrounding their separation but neither Cydney nor Jodie came out to say the actual cause of putting an end to their long-term relationship.

Some sources said Jodie had broken up with Cydney to pursue another relationship with Cindy Mort who is also a producer/writer she had met on the set of the movie The Brave One in 2006.

Their breakup was fully confirmed when Jodie, during her speech at the Golden Glode Awards, referred to Barnard as her “heroic co-parent”, ex-lover, and best friend of 20 years.

Although Cydney Bernard and Jodie Foster have both gone their separate ways, they remain cordial with each other as they have been seen hanging out on a few occasions. They both share custody of their sons.

Is Cydney Bernard in any relationship?

Cydney Bernard is not in any known relationship as of now. She has always been a very quiet and private person who does not like to get into other people’s business. Until she posts or says anything about being in a relationship, Cydney Bernard is believed to be single and is presently focused on her career and their children’s upbringing.

Fast facts

Who is Cydney Bernard married to?

Cydney Bernard is very much single and not married to anyone. She once lived with her ex-partner Jodie Foster.

How long were Jodie Foster and Cydney Bernard together?

The pair were together for 15 years. They are now co-parenting their two children,

How old is Cydney Bernard?

Cydney Bernard is 71 as she was born on March 30, 1953

Who did Jodie Foster have a child with?

Jodie Foster and Cydney Bernard have two sons together. They had the boys through a sperm donor.

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