How Old Is Freddie Simpson, Where Is The Actress Now?

Profile summary of Freddie Simpson
  • Name: Fredda Marie Simpson
  • Date of birth: 1963
  • Age: 61
  • Place of birth: Louisville, Kentucky in the United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: University graduate
  • Parents: Not known
  • Occupation: Actress, yoga instructor, Acupuncture
  • Years active: 1989 to date
  • Net worth: $500,000

Freddie Simpson is an American actress who had to take a bow from the limelight early in her career. According to reports, her exit from the movie scene happened as a result of her daughter’s birth which saw the entertainer become a single mother. To have quality time for her child, Simpson ventured into other endeavors and today, the former actress is excelling as a yoga teacher; she also runs her own acupuncture company but that is not all.

Freddie Simpson was born in America

Named, Fredda Marie Simpson at birth, the former American movie actress is a child of the ’60s. Freddie Simpson was born in 1963 but her exact date of birth has never been mentioned in the public space. An American national, Simpson was born in the United States, precisely in Louisville Kentucky where she also spent her growing-up years.

Internet searches haven’t revealed much about her early life, making it hard to have access to her family details – the former actress’ parents have never been mentioned and no one knows if she grew up as an only child or has siblings. However, it has been established that she resides in Charlottesville.

She wanted to follow a career path in sports

Freddie Simpson passed through Villa Madonna Academy following which she proceeded to the University of Kentucky where she acquired further academic qualifications.

Her days in both high school and university were eventful as Simpson was a two-sport standout in both softball and volleyball. In fact, her initial plan was to follow a career path as a sports personality, however, the lure of the movie industry was obviously stronger.

Freddie Simpson’s career journey as an actress

Freddie Simpson
Simpson in A League Of Their Own

After shelving her dreams of working in the sports industry, Freddie Simpson went on to work and walk for some fashion and cosmetics firms as a model. However, she changed direction a few years down the line when she joined the moving movie world. Simpson’s debut was eventually recorded in 1989 as part of the cast of the movie, Thunderboat Row.

A significant breakthrough came her way during the early part of the 1990s when the rising actress appeared in the comedy project entitled League of Their Own. Fans and the viewing public are more likely to remember Freddie with the comedy as it made the top list of the most remarkable flicks of the ’90s. Apart from that, League of Their Own won millions of hearts.

The sitcom was an adaptation of a hit 1992 movie of the same name, featuring exploits and heroic acts by the Rockford Peaches. The cast includes the likes of Dottie Hinson, Kit Keller, and others in an all-female World War II era pro baseball team.

In the sitcom, she was cast as Ellen Sue Gotlander – a sportswoman with excellent skills in the field of play and she was also remarkable for her beauty. Freddie Simpson’s character contributed to the success of the movie when it was released in the ‘90s.

League of Their Own earned Simpson international recognition, thanks to its stellar cast comprising Madonna, Geena Davis, and of course, Tom Hanks. In 1993, Freddie did a reprisal of the part in the eponymous TV miniseries.

Freddie Simpson went on to record other appearances but the records say she took the difficult decision to quit the movie scene after she became a mother. Freddie needed to have time to care for her newborn daughter but before she quit, her movie credits were already six.

Freddie Simpson’s movies and TV shows

  • Blue (2002) as Mother
  • Tracy Takes On (1996) as Deborah
  • A-League of Their Own (1992) as Ellen Sue.
  • A-League of Their Own (1993) as Ellen Sue Gotlander
  • Popcorn (1991) – Tina (as Freddie Marie Simpson)
  • Thunderboat Row (1989) as Rose O’Shea
  • The Hollywood Moment at Home Edition (2020) as Self

Freddie Simpson’s net worth is $500k

The last estimation of Freddie Simpson’s bottom line pegged it at a tidy $500,000 which she majorly accrued from her acting and modeling gigs. However, since she left the world of showbiz, Simpson has been earning her keep from Yoga teaching and her acupuncture business.

We may not likely see a huge rise in her bank balance as yoga and acupuncture don’t get the big bucks rolling in like acting and modeling. All in all, Freddie appears to be very comfortably buoyed by her massive stash and bankruptcy seems to be far from the former actress.

She is now focusing on her real-life role as a single mother

When fans got to know that Freddie was pregnant with her daughter, they naturally assumed that the actress has a man in her life but this was far from the truth. After she had her daughter without getting married, it soon became glaring that there was no man in sight and Simpson has settled down to life as a single mum.

We must also acknowledge the fact that Freddie Simpson kept the identity of her baby daddy under lock and key, thus, nothing is known about the man who sired her daughter. Several years have passed since she had her daughter and Freddie reportedly continues to be single. However, there is the tiniest doubt that she might be having an affair in secret.

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Where is Freddie Simpson now?

Since she recorded her last onscreen appearance in the 2002 film entitled Blue, Freddie has not shown up in anything substantial on TV, but that doesn’t mean she has been idle. The Louisville native is now based in a Kentucky spa and in 2018, Freddie floated her acupuncture company where she practices as a healer.

According to records, Freddie Simpson is still involved in the acting world, guiding and coaching young actors but this part of her career is silent. From what is obvious, the mother of one appears happy with the way her life has turned out. What’s more, Freddie has no financial worries as she can always fall back on the stash from her acting days.

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