Whatever Became of Suzie Ketcham, The Basketball Wives Star?

Profile summary of Suzie Ketcham
  • Name: Suzie Ketcham
  • Date of birth: February 20, 1978
  • Age: 46
  • Place of birth: Summit, New Jersey, United States
  • Nationality: American-Chinese
  • Education: Pepperdine University
  • Parents: NA
  • Height: 5 feet 6 inches
  • Occupation: TV star, real estate agent
  • Years active: NA
  • Net worth: $2 million

Suzie Ketcham is a reality TV star whose relationship with Michael Olowokandi (a former NBA center) was what put her on the Basketball Wives reality television show. The social butterfly then went on to win millions of hearts on the show and needless to say, fans were highly disappointed when she disappeared from the set. The Basketball Wives reality show is a TV series that chronicles the life stories of wives, girlfriends, or ex-spouses of basketball players in the National Basketball Association.

When the VH1 series first aired, Suzie and the likes of Evelyn Lozada were featured as its original cast members but it appears that she has long disappeared from the show, and fans can’t help but wonder what has become of Suzie Ketcham.

Suzie Ketcham is presently engaged real estate

Suzie spends her days shuttling around the globe from New Jersey to Hong Kong, and Los Angeles. However, she seems to have settled in Miami in recent times to better raise her children who are her major preoccupation at the moment and part of the reason she stopped appearing on Basketball Wives.


Shaunie O’Neal – the executive producer of the show said she has made efforts to get Suzie back on set to no avail. With her children living and schooling in Miami, Ketcham found it difficult to leave them for three long months to go shoot Basketball Wives in LA.

Reliable reports say Suzie Ketcham is currently creating a niche for herself in the real estate sector and is doing admirably well. She is also said to be deeply involved in charitable causes.

Basketball Wives is not the only TV show that Suzie appeared in, the socialite also made an appearance on Big Morning Buzz Live. She recorded this appearance in 2011 but has not made any other move to appear on TV since then. Even without a comeback, Ketchan will always be comfortably buoyed with her stash of $2 million.

We can’t rule out a comeback Basketball Wives?

Fans who warmed up to Suzie Ketcham in Basketball Wives have always wondered if their favorite cast member will ever come back. However, reports have shown that she might not be making a comeback anytime soon.

The producers of the show have already tried getting her back on set but the commuting distance, coupled with her family commitment has made it impossible, at least for the time being. With that said, we cannot completely rule out a comeback: we will have to rely on time to tell if it is going to happen or not.

Suzie Ketcham was arrested during Basketball Wives show of 2010

A Basketball Wives reunion is an event that is supposed to be filled with good memories from co-stars and friends who haven’t been in contact for a long time. However, the presence of Sandra in the 2010 reunion of Basketball Wives turned chaotic after Suzie learned she was there. Suzie completely lost it and emptied a bucket of water on Sandra’s head and in a bid to run away, Sandra slipped and incurred some injuries.

While the authorities arrested Suzie Ketcham for the offense, Sandra who received treatment from the paramedics on hand made it very clear that she would fill a lawsuit against Suzie.

If you are wondering who Sandra is, she is a basketball groupie who never misses a chance to go after NBA players. Once the seasons start and the players are separated from their families to focus on basketball, groupies flock around them to tempt some of them into having clandestine relationships.

The Ketcham/Michael Olowokandi relationship

Suzie Ketcham first met NBA player, Michael Olowokandi while she was a student at Pepperdine University. Olowokandi was also a student then, attending the University of the Pacific; he played basketball with the Pacific Tigers. The Los Angeles Clippers drafted him in 1998 as a first pick for the club.

The details of their dating period are not public knowledge but the duo stayed together for a decade before calling it quits. The nature of their relationship was also not made public, thus, no one knows whether they ever tied the knot. Suzie was in her senior year in college when she conceived and had their first child and the second child did not waste time in coming, however, creating a family wasn’t enough to keep them together for long.

Wht did Suzie Ketcham leave Michael Olowkandi

Suzie Ketcham
Suzie and Michael – image source

Suzie Ketcham and Michael Olowkandi never gave any reason for their split, leading the media to make a few cogent guesses. Many believe Ketcham let her jealousy of basketball groupies who constantly flock around Olowkandi take a toll on her.

We also heard that Ketcham attacked her boyfriend in December 2001 over a mystery woman who accompanied Michael on his return trip with the Clippers. The New Jersey-born reality star got physical with the NBA star as she threw household items at him. Suzie later claimed that Olowkandi attacked her and even got him arrested.

She then tendered apologies to Michael and dropped the case but there was already a crack in their relationship. They eventually went their separate ways in 2009 and Ketchan who got custody of their two children currently live with them in Miami.

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Post-Divorce love life for Ketcham 

Many believe Suzie Ketcham to be single since her split from the former NBA star. Besides, her exit from the Basketball Wives reality show saw her drop off the limelight, making it impossible to detect what is happening in her personal life.

Trying to get tidbits from her social media handles proved abortive as she is barely active on any of them. Her tweets give nothing away and her IG handle is private.

For the most part, Suzie’s relationship with Olowokandi is the reality TV star’s major claim to fame and since then, it has remained her sole known affair to date.

The mother of two is of mixed ethnicity

The records captured Suzie Ketcham’s date of birth as the 20th of February 1978 and she was born in Summit, New Jersey in the US. While she is an American national, Ketcham’s background is mixed – a Chinese mother and a Caucasian American father whose identities have never been revealed.

Suzie was just four when her parent’s marriage came to an end. She then grew up in Los Angeles California with her brother, name withheld. The details of her basic academic qualification are not available but she is an alum of Pepperdine University.

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