Jerod Mixon Age, What Happened To The Mixon Brothers From Nutty Professor?

Profile summary of Jerod Mixon
  • Name: Jerod Mixon
  • Nickname: Big Time
  • Date of birth: May 24, 1981
  • Age: 43
  • Place of birth: Port Hueneme, California
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Actor, writer, producer
  • Siblings: Jamal Mixon (brother)
  • Sexual orientation: Straight

Jerod Mixon is a 43-year-old American actor, writer, comedian, and producer who is best known for featuring in the comedy movie titled Old School where he played the character Weensie. His size is one striking feature that makes him different from the crowd. The entertainer sure knows how to have an enduring effect on the mind of his audience which intrigues fans to know more about his life and what he has been up to lately.

How old is Jerod Mixon?

Jerod was born on May 24, 1981, to undisclosed parents in Port Hueneme, California, USA, and he is currently 43 years old. There is no information on the names of his parents or what they did for a living as the actor has chosen to keep his personal and family life private. The actor has a younger brother named Jamal Mixon. Jerod has always been on the big side right from when he was a kid, he even goes by the nickname Big Time which was probably because of his size but that has never stopped him from going after his dreams in life.

Are Jamal and Jerod Mixon brothers?

Jerod Mixon
Jerod and Jamal image source

As earlier mentioned, Jerod has a brother named Jamal, and guess what? Jamal is also an actor just like his older brother Jerod. The Mixon brothers share a striking resemblance in both face and body physic that one might actually mistake them to be twins which was also why they were able to fit into the role of twins in the movie The Cookout where they played the characters Willie and Nelson. Judging from their skin color, one can tell that the brothers were born to African-American parents, although there is no information on the parents or their background.

Growing up, Jerod and his brother faced lots of challenges as they grew up in a neighborhood that was very rough but with the help of their parents, the brothers turned out to become good citizens and did not end up in jail or dead like most kids from their neighborhood. They were raised in a middle-class family and their parents made keen efforts to ensure they give them the best in life. Today, Jerod and his brother are in a better place in life.

The Mixon brothers have both worked together on several projects together and seem to share a very close relationship. Some of the notable projects they have both featured in are How to be a Player, The Cookout, Malcolm & Eddie, White T, etc.

Jerod Mixon made his career debut in the movie Malcom & Eddie

Jerod’s career started in 1997, it was not an easy one for him as he struggled a few times but with time, the actor began to get acquainted with acting. Jerod started out as one of the kids in the movie How to be a Player in 1997. That same year, the young actor likewise featured as the character William in the 1997 series titled Malcolm & Eddie which was his debut television project. The show turned out to be a hit and as usual, he got praises and likewise criticisms from viewers.

Without relenting in his effort to grow in his career, Jerod went further and made quite an exceptional impression on lots of people and made a name for himself when he featured in the movie Me, Myself & Irene, playing the character Shonte Jr Baileygates who in the play was the adopted son of the main character, Jim Carrey.

In 2003, he landed a role to feature in the movie Old School, a comedy film that centers around the lives of three best friends who are seeking to relieve their wild college life. In the movie, Jerod played the character of  Weensie, one of the frat boys; the movie received lots of nominations like the MTV Movie Award in 2003 for ‘Best On-Screen Team and also the Gold Schomes Award for ‘Best Comedy of the Year 2003.

The actor is one who has been very consistent in his career and is ever ready to bring his A-game and make a lasting impression on his audience’s minds. He has also featured in quite a number of projects like Maya & Miguel – a TV series (2004-2005), White T, (2013), Off-Time (2013) Crackula Goes to Hollywood (2015), etc.

He is a producer

Besides being an actor, Jerod Mixon is also a producer and has produced some good movies like The Shaw, Dead Man’s Chair, and others. Although the actor so far has had a good career in acting, film writing, and production, there has been no notable award in his name.

The Old School actor has always been on the fat side since he was a kid and that was how he was able to fit into the role of an obese patient in one episode of the series Scrubs. There is no current information on his present weight but with a glance, one can tell the actor weighs several tons.

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Jerod has had to deal with loads of criticism and rejections on account of his weight

Jerod Mixon, 43, in the course of his career, has had to deal with lots of rejection and criticism because of his weight but the actor made up his mind not to let things distract or weigh him down from achieving his goals in life. As an actor, he has had to face the challenge of producers not assigning roles to him in movies just because of his weight.

At some point, Jerod was forced to make the decision to start losing weight and started cutting down on sugar and carbs; he even went further to get a professional trainer to guide him through the whole weight loss plan.

However, the actor has learned to use his size to his advantage, knowing that it’s a unique size of which if any producer is looking for a plus-size actor, his name for sure will be on the list.

Fast facts

Who is Jamal Mixon’s brother?

Jerod Mixon is the older brother of Jamal. While Jamal was born on June 17, 1983, his brother Jerod was born on May 24, 1981.

Is the fat guy from Old School still alive?

Jerod Mixon is very much alive and healthy. It’s not known if the actor is married or in any present relationship but the 43-year-old actor is still doing what he knows best which is writing film scripts and producing films.

What happened to the Mixon brothers from Nutty Professor?

Jerod Mixon and his brother Jamal Mixon are still very into acting and are presently working on various film projects together. As we all know, the Mixon brothers love to keep a very private life so not much is revealed about them as of now.

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