What Does Zoltan Hargitay Do For a Living? Facts About Him

Profile summary of Zoltan Hargitay
  • Name: Zoltan Hargitay
  • Date of birth: 1 August 1960
  • Age: 63
  • Place of birth: Santa Monica, California.
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: N/A
  • Parents: Jayne Mansfield (mother) and Mickey Hargitay (father)
  • Marital status: Married
  • Spouse: N/A
  • Height: 6 feet
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Years active: 1990 – date
  • Net worth: $19 million
  • Zoltan Hargitay’s Instagram: zhargitay13

Zoltan Hargitay is an American actor who is famed for being the second son of the famous fifties movie icon, late Jayne Mansfield, and the equally popular Mickey Hargitay. Although Hargitay is the son of two very well-known Hollywood personalities, he seems to prefer a quiet life away from the flashes and clicks of the camera. He has consistently remained low-key since the nineties to date, choosing to maintain a very low profile.

As expected, this has left people scrambling for information on the now-adult celebrity child, the results of which have been largely futile as the actor tends to keep mostly to himself. Still, Zoltan hasn’t been quite inactive as he has been featured in a couple of Hollywood movies, just like his mother did before her death. Read further to learn more about former pin-up queen, Jayne Mansfield’s son.

Background details of Zoltan Hargitay

Zoltan Hargitay was born to Jayne and Mickey Hargitay on August 1, 1960, in Santa Monica, California. He is an American citizen, of Caucasian ethnicity and was born under the Leo zodiac sign. Zoltan wasn’t Jayne and Mickey’s only child as he was only the second among their children. At first, Zoltan grew up with his two other siblings Mickey and Mariska, and his older half-sister. They all lived with their parents until their divorce in 1964.

After his parents’ divorce, he and his siblings lived with Jayne until her tragic death in 1967 in a car accident that claimed her life at the age of 34. Only 7 years old at the time, Zoltan and his siblings were asleep in the backseat of the car that crashed, but they all miraculously survived. They finally went to live with their father and his new wife Ellen Siano, and that was where they grew up until they were old enough to go their independent ways.

Is Zoltan Hargitay related to Mariska Hargitay?

The Hargitay siblings – image source

Mariska Magdolna Hargitay is one of Zoltan’s siblings. Zoltan Hargitay comes from a pretty large family as both his parents married and re-married a few different times, and had children from some of those relationships. Zoltan has two full siblings and three half-siblings, making them five altogether. Of all five of them, Mariska is the most successful and famous.

American actress, movie director, and philanthropist, Mariska Magdolna Hargitay was born on January 23, 1964, in California, USA. She is the youngest of the three children that Jayne and Mickey Hargitay had together, the older two being her brothers Mickey Jr. and Zoltan.

The actress has gathered so much fame in Hollywood indeed and boasts of the prestigious Primetime Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Awards, in addition to many others. Mariska made her on-screen film debut in 1985, after appearing in the horror-comedy movie, Ghoulies. Her transition into television was heralded by a sterling performance in the adventure drama series, Downtown in 1986.

She has since been featured in many wonderful classics between the eighties and nineties, but her most prominent movie role to date came in 1999 as Olivia Benson in the NBC crime drama series, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. She has been critically acclaimed for this role and has finally taken her spot among the likes of her mother as a Hollywood legend.

Now a lot has been speculated about the nature of Mariska and Zoltan’s relationship. Because of Zoltan’s tendency to stay underground, there are hardly any pictures of him and his more famous sibling together, despite the fact that they work in the same industry. As it stands, Mariska and Zoltan seem to have a decent relationship and are on good terms with each other. It might seem as though the actress is closer to some of her other siblings, however, particularly Jayne Marie Mansfield, her mother’s first daughter.

And so, Zoltan’s half-siblings include; Jayne Marie Mansfield from his mother’s first marriage, Antonio Cimber born from Jayne Mansfield’s marriage to Matt Cimber, and Tina Hargitay born from his father’s first marriage. His full immediate older brother, Miklos is also a Hollywood actor with minimal success. All of Zoltan’s siblings are alive and well, and they all live in various parts of the world. Mariska herself is married to Peter Hermann and they have three children together.

Zoltan Hargitay’s career exploits

Sadly, not much is known about Zoltan’s professional life as well. The 63-year-old has been featured in a few movies, but they are not extensive at all. They include the 1997 science fiction movie Retroactive, the 1994 thriller T-Force, and the 1994 drama movie, Reflections on a Crime, all of which performed massively well at the American box office. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to dig up any more information about Zoltan’s career, as he has refused to open social media accounts to keep in touch with the public.

Below is a rundown of Zoltan Hargitay’s movie credits

  • Mr. Universe – 1988
  • T-Force – 1994
  • Reflections on a Crime – 1994
  • Retroactive – 1997

What is Zoltan Hargitay’s net worth?

Currently, there are different reports about Zoltan Hargitay’s net worth. It isn’t unexpected that the actor is rich, but the exact figure of his wealth has been difficult to ascertain. Currently, we believe Zoltan’s net worth to fall within the $15 million and $20 million range. Most of his wealth was inherited from his famous parents, especially his mother.

However, Zoltan has still managed to build some more wealth for himself from his various movie projects. His sister Mariska has a heftier net worth and is currently believed to be worth nearly $100 million as of 2021.p

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His tragic experience with a lion

How many people could honestly say that they have faced a lion and survived? Well, if there are any bragging rights for survivors of lion attacks, Zoltan Hargitay would be entitled to them all. The celebrity child was only 6 years old when he came face to face with an adult lion on November 23, 1966, at the Jungleland theme park in California.

It so happened that his mother took him and his siblings to the park located in Thousand Oaks, during the summer holidays when Zoltan Hargitay was unexpectedly mauled by an assumed tame lion at the zoo. The attack left him with a fractured skull, a torn cheek, and a punctured spleen, as well as several terrible lacerations on his neck and body. He was admitted to the Conejo Valley Hospital where he underwent about 6 hours of intensive surgery to mitigate possible brain damage.

He was returned to surgery two days later for the removal of his spleen. The doctors pronounced that he would make a full recovery after what they declared a highly successful surgery. Young Zoltan’s lion encounter left him with very severe head trauma as the lion attempted to bite his head off. However, the zoo attendants intervened in the nick of time, prying the lion’s jaws apart to rescue the unconscious child. Zoltan made a full recovery but experienced a minor setback after he contracted meningitis. The lion was not put down but instead was placed under a 14-day quarantine by the local authorities.

Who is his wife?

Although he was born to a mother who lived her entire life for the cameras, Zoltan is a whole different breed as he has refused to let the public in on even the most minute details of his personal life. The 63-year-old Mr. Universe actor is married, but the identity of his wife is unknown. He is also believed to have children but their exact number and identities remain perfectly hidden from the public.

The Instagram account in his name is set on private, making it even more difficult to get a glimpse of what his personal life looks like and what he has been up to.

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