Stephanie Sersen, Lovelife, Age, Net Worth, What Does She Do?

Profile summary of Stephanie Sersen
  • Name: Stephanie Sersen
  • Date of birth: June 11, 1983
  • Place of birth: Philadelphia, United States
  • Age: 41 years old
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: East Carolina University, Villanova University
  • Parents: NA
  • Height: NA
  • Occupation: Financial project analyst
  • Years active: 2018
  • Net worth: NA
  • Instagram: @phillysteph

Season eight of Married at First Sight (a lifetime reality television series) did more than introduce Stephanie Sersen to television audiences, it also gave the reality TV star the opportunity to marry the man of her dreams. It was the perfect chemistry for Sersen and her match, AJ Vollmoeller as they found love with each other which led to their instant marriage. Prior to her stint on Married at First Sight, Stephanie was a staff of Deloitte Consulting as a finance expert and after the show, she still had her career in finance to fall back on.

Stephanie Sersen was not dating anyone before she came on MAFS

According to Stephanie Sersen, her parents gave her hope to wait for the right person as they have been married for more than three decades, and in this present era, that is a big feat. The quest to marry the right person made her stay single up to 35 years of age and her near passive dating life didn’t help matters. It got to a point that she had to seek professional help and this landed the Philadelphia native on the Married At First Sight reality TV show where she believed that an opportunity of finding love awaits her.

On MAFS, Sersen revealed how she dated a handful of men but their lack of commitment saw the end of their relationship. By the time she reached her mid-thirties, the financial project analyst was already tired of dating and MAFS was like an answer to a prayer for her as the show made dating and marriage look easy. Familiar with the reality show and how concise the producers can be, Stephanie Sersen said she trusted them completely, enough to say “I do” to a total stranger because of their matchmaking skills.

MAFS reality TV show brought the two together

MAFS producers are experts in pairing couples on the show; they draw judgment based on people’s personality traits, common interests, and more. They use the information provided based on what contestants want from a life partner and work with the information. Stephanie Sersen for one made it clear that she wanted an active and adventurous partner as she is also active and wouldn’t want anyone to dull her moment.

Subsequently, AJ who joined MAFS to get rid of the misery of trying to find love, and Stephanie who joined the show to find her Mr. Right were matched. AJ comes from a home where his parents have been married for 45 years which kept his trust in marriage alive and on the night he completed his MAFS form, he resolved to find love.

Following their Married At First Sight Wedding, the couple commenced their getting to know each other process and gradually fell in love for real. In the end, they made it official in January 2019 when they hosted family and friends at their wedding.

While many MAFS weddings have failed, Stephanie Sersen and AJ Vollmoeller’s relationship seem to be getting stronger with the passage of time. They may well spend eternity together as they predicted.

Stephanie Sersen and AJ Vollmoeller are still together

Going to MAFS to find love was the best decision that Stephanie Sersen made in her life as she was able to land her Mr. Right on the reality show. The show brought her together with AJ Vollmoeller who changed her world. The duo radiated happiness during their exchange of vows and it was hard to guess that they just met.

AJ and Stephanie’s story is proof that true love can hit you from any angle. Stephanie never believed that a day would come when she will exchange marriage vows without getting an opportunity to know her man first. From 2018 to date, the couple’s union has endured and they seem to be enjoying marital bliss as evidenced by their photos online.

Stephanie Sersen is a Philly girl who loves adventure

Of Caucasian ethnicity, Stephanie Sersen is an American citizen born in Philadelphia on the 11th of June 1983. The only info on her parents is that they have an enduring marriage that has lasted over many decades.

The Sersen family obviously considers marriage to be sacred which made Stephanie wait as a single lady until true love comes knocking. Her family is a close-knit one, consisting of her mother, father, and sister with whom she spent a memorable childhood going on adventures.

The only academic record for the Philly girl is that she attended East Carolina University where she studied Business Administration. She started in 2003 and completed her studies in 2005, passing out with very good grades. She also has a certificate in accounting from Villanova University.

On the other hand, AJ Vollmoeller was born in 1981 and grew up in Riverhead New Jersey. The only child of his parents. AJ always wondered how they were able to keep the family going for over four decades. As a child, he would normally pray for the same grace in his marriage.

After graduating from the University of New Haven, AJ floated Future Force Stang & Recruiting – his own recruitment firm in Greater Philadelphia Area. The firm now has other branches.

The reality TV star works with Deloitte Consulting

Stephanie Sersen is career-oriented, she is an employee of Deloitte Consulting, where she is serving as an Engagement Controller Manager. Her job description is to manage all the firm’s finance-related work.

Before she scored the plum position at Deloitte Consulting, Sersen worked in other establishments like SunGard Availability Services as a financial project analyst. She has since returned to her career life after her stint on MAFS.

What is Stephanie Sersen’s net worth?

Stephanie Sersen’s current net worth may not be known but the records show she received $98k as an annual salary from Deloitte where she started working in December 2010.

Appearing on Married at First Sight made her $20k richer and she took advantage of the popularity to earn a few lucrative deals with some American firms. Her popularity also went on to boost her visibility on social media, increasing her fan base.

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