What Happened To Sean Caracena Kid 90 and What Was His Cause Of Death?

Profile summary of Sean Caracena
  • Name: Sean Caracena
  • Date of birth: March 13, 1976
  • Age at death: 30
  • Place of birth: Belo Horizonte, Brazil
  • Zodiac sign: Pisces
  • Nationality: Brazilian
  • Date of death: April 4, 2006
  • Cause of death: Suicide
  • Hair color: Light Brown
  • Eye color: Light Brown
  • Marital status: Single
  • Height: 5 feet 11 inches (180cm)
  • Weight: 60kg (132lbs)
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Years active: 1996-2006
  • Net worth: Est. $100k

Sean Caracena was a Brazilian celebrity actor notable for his one and only movie role of Gavin Pullman in the movie Somebody Is Waiting. He is also one of the subjects of the 2021 documentary titled Kid 90. The actor died on April 4, 2006, in New York City, USA. His cause of death was reported as a suicide, an unfortunate incident that baffled the general public at the time. Let’s take an in-depth look at the life and brief career of the actor.

Sean Caracena was born in Brazil

Sean Caracena was born on March 13, 1976, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, under the zodiac sign of Pisces. Not much is about the late actor’s family background. The identity of his parents and what they did for a living is unknown to the general public.

The late actor’s ethnic identity was not explicitly stated, but he is most likely a Latino on account of his birthplace and skin color. Similarly, the actor who withdrew more and more from the spotlight prior to his unfortunate death never told anyone if he had any siblings who were living or dead while he was still alive.

The mystery of his early life was also reinforced by the lack of information regarding his formal education background. It is assumed though that the actor who grew up in Belo Horizonte possibly had his formal education in his home country.

It is nonetheless a challenge to ascertain the level of education he was able to acquire while he was residing in Brazil as certain reports claim that he chose not to pursue higher education in favor of a career in entertainment.

The late actor made his acting debut at the age of 20

Sean Caracena developed a love for acting at a very young age and it was that passion that contributed to his not being able to complete his formal education. That love and desire made him leave his hometown at a relatively young age and travel thousands of miles across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States. He made his home in New York City, the place where he lived until his demise in 2006.

Even though he had come to the United States to fulfill his dream of being an actor, Sean Caracena didn’t immediately find success as an actor and had to find other ways to make ends meet while waiting for an opportunity to come up.

The waiting period for the late actor was understandably grueling and filled with a good number of adventures. Similar to a good number of actors and actresses at the budding stage, Sean resorted to modeling and commercial ads to keep body and soul together. Fortunately for him, he had very appealing physical features to match his job quest and it was a venture that kept him afloat financially until he got the chance to work on screen as an actor.

The long-awaited opportunity arrived in 1996 when Caracena was cast to play the role of Gavin Pullman in the movie Somebody is Waiting. The movie which was released on December 19, 1996, and directed by Martin Donovan tells the story of a young single mother of 5 named Charlotte Ellis who struggles to raise her children after the unexpected departure of her alcoholic husband, Roger Ellis.

Sean gained rave reviews for what was dubbed his excellent performance in the movie and given that he was just 20 years old at the time, his career seemed to be on the rise. He already had a couple of illustrious names on his list of co-actors, including Nastassja Kinski who played the lead female role in his debut movie, and the legendary George Byrne, the actor behind the character of Roger Ellis in Sean’s first movie.

Without all the great things that were expected of a young Sean Caracena, it was something of an anticlimax when Somebody is Waiting turned out to eventually be the actor’s only career movie credit. It has been speculated that the reason for this apparent career anomaly was the actor’s decision to battle his personal demons away from the spotlight.

He was reported to have had a number of challenges that were not properly handled and which ultimately led to his death ten years after his official Hollywood debut.

How did Sean Caracena die?

Sean Caracena took his own life at the age of 30. Official autopsy reports were sealed but it didn’t make it any less true that the actor believed the easiest way out of the mess he had found himself in was to commit suicide.

It has been revealed that Sean Caracena suffered from depression and a couple of other unmentioned mental health disorders. The actor reportedly ended his life on April 4, 2006, after a series of cries for help had gone unheeded by both friends and colleagues alike.

His reclusive lifestyle didn’t help his cause because Caracena was said to have gone deeper and deeper into the shadows after failing to realize much of the potential that his early acting exploits had promised when he made his debut at the age of 20. He simply didn’t see a way out of the conundrum and it was tragic news when he was found dead in his New York apartment.

The sealed reports have made it impossible to state exactly the weapon of choice Caracena had chosen to end his life with, although it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to assume it was a gun since a higher percentage of suicides among celebrities at the time favored the use of a firearm.

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Kid 90 was released in 2021

Sean Caracena
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The public was once again reminded about Sean Caracena after he was featured in the 2021 documentary film titled Kid 90. The documentary was directed and produced by Soleil Moon Fry. It featured a good number of 1990s child and young actors, including, Leonardo Di Caprio, who also served as the executive producer under his Appian Way Productions. Others are Sean Caracena, Stephen Dorff, Perry Farell, Jonathan Brandis, and Frye herself amongst a good number of other actors.

Frye was renowned for never going anywhere without her trusted camera in the 90s and with it, she managed to capture the life and experiences she shared with a good number of the aforementioned actors in the 90s, including the good and bad experiences.

These experiences have been developed and edited to produce the finished flick that is the Kid 90 documentary. The documentary film was released on March 12, 2021, and distributed by Hulu.

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