What is Taylor Novack Known For, Inside her Marriage With Chad Duell?

Profile summary of Taylor Novack
  • Name: Taylor Novack
  • Date of birth: NA
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: NA
  • Parents: NA
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Years active: 2012 to date

If you want to talk about short-gone marriages in the entertainment industry, then you must not forget to include Taylor Novack and Chad Duell whose union lasted for a few days before it hit the rocks. In fact, considering that the couple had to go for an annulment instead of divorce is an indication of how short their marriage lasted. Today, the couple’s union is rated as one of the shortest ever witnessed in the world of showbiz. This is how it all went down.

Taylor Novack and Chad Duell hit it off in 2010

Considering the fact that Taylor Novack and Chad Duell work in the same industry, one would not be too far from the truth to surmise that they crossed paths on the job. At the time they met, reports say, Chad was an up-and-coming star in his early 20s. No one knows whether the attraction was an instant one but the celeb duo started dating around 2010.

Within the circle of celebrities, dating is usually daunting, however, Taylor and Chad managed to hold on for two years. Chad popped the big question within a year of their dating period as the lovebirds were then on a vacation in Orlando, Florida. A couple of years down the line, the two commenced plans for their exchange of vows.

They exchanged their forever commitment in 2012

Taylor Novack
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After they dated for two full years, Taylor Novack and Chad Duell deemed themselves ready for matrimony, and on September 15, 2012, the celeb duo exchanged wedding vows in the presence of family and friends. Despite the hot weather, it was a beautiful Saturday and a memorable one for the couple.

The venue for the event was a Cave Creek private residence in Arizona and according to Chad Duell, the weekend was quite a busy one for them. Going on, the Daytime Emmy nominee said it was an amazing day as their wedding ceremony was unbelievably beautiful. Chad also described how great it was to have family and friends grace their big day.

Taylor Novack union with Chad hit the rocks in no time

Anybody who followed Taylor Novack and Chad Duell’s relationship would be forgiven for thinking that it was founded on love and when you factor in Chad’s infectious enthusiasm about the wedding ceremony, the union sure looked like it was going to last.

With that said, fans were greatly surprised when what seemed to look like the proverbial “happily ever after” turned sour within a very short period. The actual number of days Taylor and Chad were able to tolerate each other as husband and wife were never stated, however, going by what Soaps in Depth reported, the couple annulled their union almost immediately after exchanging the forever commitment.

Matrimony turned out to be a case of “marry in haste, regrets at leisure” for Chad Duell who came open to state the reasons behind the break of their marriage. The Daytime Emmy nominee said their togetherness couldn’t endure because they rushed into marriage so soon without first taking out time to prepare for it. They should have gotten to know each other well before venturing into something more permanent.

Duell seems to have moved on with his life

With the end of Taylor Novack and Chad Duell’s union, Chad didn’t let the grass grow under his feet before moving on. Duell, as Michael Corinthos, was having an onscreen thing with his General Hospital co-star, Kristen Alderson as Kiki Jerome and they both decided to bring it into real life.

The two became an item after the crash of Chad’s marriage with Taylor and stayed together for the ensuing three years. It was after Kristen’s exit from General Hospital and relocation to Pennsylvania that they called it quits. Chad and Kristen didn’t really want to break up then; they even tried maintaining a long-distance relationship for a while but it proved unsuccessful. Thus, they had no choice but to end things.

Courtney Hope succeeded Kristen

Chad Duell’s next girlfriend was The Bold and The Beautiful star, Courtney Hope. It was Bryan Craig, his General Hospital co-star that introduced them. The two hooked up in 2016 and after dating for a year, they took the conscious decision of moving in together. Hope and Duell began cohabiting in 2017 and were still going strong during the COVID 19 pandemic, thus, they isolated together.


Five years down the line, Taylor Novack’s ex tied the knot for the second time with his girlfriend, Courtney Hope on the 23rd of October 2021. History seemed to repeat itself again as news broke eight weeks into their marriage that the duo have gone their separate ways. What triggered the speculations was the fact that they wiped their IG pages of each other’s photos.


It was Soap Opera Digest that first reported the news and by the 13th of December, it went viral. On the couple’s part, none agreed to provide answers to so many questions that were asked about their split until Chad’s interview session with Maurice Bernard.

Chad was really vague in his explanation; “All I have to say is positive things and it’s just…mutual, we didn’t actually sign anything. We weren’t really, like, you know, married or anything really. It was amicable, kinda just that. That’s all I can really say. We always want the best for each other, and that’s all I really can say.” 

On the other hand, Taylor Novack is believed to be single since nothing has been heard about the actress’ love life to date.

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What is Taylor Novack’s career path?

Taylor Novack is also part of the entertainment industry. She is an actress known for depicting the character of Michelle on the set of the short TV drama known as Treehouse; the drama is from the directorial portfolio of Mars Mraz. However, Chad Duell’s ex-wife is not in the league of the most prolific actress’ in the movie world as the number of productions she has recorded is limited.

Taylor Novack is equally a popular face in the cinema but her career commenced on the runway. She modeled for several fashion brands before wading into acting. Taylor indulges in several hobbies, including photography, traveling, reading, and internet surfing.

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