Luke Cuccurullo From Married At First Sight – Is He Gay, Where Is He?

Profile summary of Luke Cuccurullo
  • Name: Luke Cuccurullo
  • Date of birth: August 19, 1987
  • Age: 36 years old
  • Place of birth: United States of America
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: Rowan University
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Spouse: Kate Sisk (div.)
  • Occupation: Civil engineer and TV personality
  • Years active: NA
  • Net worth: NA

The civil engineer who was matched with Kate Sisk on Married at First Sight, Luke Cuccurullo was accused of telling several lies about his bride. He was also accused of coming on the set of MAFS for popularity and was never on any mission to find love. Luke’s behavior during their honeymoon led many into thinking that he might be gay but all the speculations were debunked by Luke himself who maintains that his sexuality is straight. However, fans still continue to wonder about the reality TV star’s stance on his sexual orientation.

Why Luke Cuccurullo’s match with Kate Sisk was not the right call

Luke Cuccurullo
Luke and Kate image source

Married at First Sight or MAFS is a reality TV show involving a team of marriage and relationship experts who match couples through a thorough experiment and survey; the successfully matched couples are then mandated to exchange marriage vows on the show. This experiment is conducted with the hope and optimism that the duo falls in love after their first meeting and say “I do” almost immediately.

It happened that it was Dr. Jessica who undertook the responsibility of bringing Luke and Kate together – a match which she greatly regretted afterward. It all went down in Philadelphia at season eight of MAFS. Initially, the couple appeared to be elated about embracing matrimony, and according to Luke Cuccurullo, his bride Kate was a sight to behold as she took the walk down the aisle.

On her own part, Kate also seemed to be attracted to the groom and it all looked promising and rosy for the newlyweds. However, time proved that their initial attraction wasn’t strong enough to hold them together.

They only got to spend a few weeks as a married couple and it was said to be very awkward, leading them to grow apart very quickly. Even though Luck Cuccurullo turned out to be more eloquent on how their marriage won’t work, subsequent facts that came to light portrayed him as the reason behind their failure

Luke Cuccurullo said he was repulsed by Kate

As the awkwardness between them got heightened, Kate had to quiz Luke about his feelings for her and the civil engineer did not mince words in revealing that Kate wasn’t his type. According to Cuccurullo, His bride was so repulsive and after kissing her on their honeymoon, he felt dead inside.

When the time for the difficult decision of either continuing with the union or breaking it came, Kate also acknowledged that they were never meant for each other. According to her, they were just draining each other emotionally and from the looks of things, they may never be able to find a way around their differences.

Kate then opted for divorce. It later came to the fore that Luke Cuccurullo did not only say Kate repulsed him, the civil engineer also accused his bride of constantly wanting them to have sex. This accusation was countered by Kate; she said Luke would normally initiate cuddling during their honeymoon and when she started talking about having sex he was all for it. After they had sex with condoms, the experience was a total turn-off for Luke, and going forward, his attitude changed for the worse.

Luke Cuccurullo denies being gay

Luke Cuccurullo acknowledges being the villain of the eighth season of MAFS, however, the civil engineer totally repudiates all gay allegations against him. Observations from Kate revealed that Luke’s status on Facebook confirms he has an interest in both sexes (women and men) and even revealed him to be in a current relationship with a man. Dismissing these facts, Cuccurullo said they were jokes he played on some friends on Facebook.

When MAFS’ host, Kevin enquired if Luke was really gay, the civil engineer responded with a no but Kate didn’t let the matter rest. She vehemently accused Luke of deceiving his Facebook friends, as well as telling her lies. In the end, Luke stood by his words that he is not gay and even gave Instagram users who weighed in on the issue the same answer. Luke said he has maintained that setting on Facebook for the past 13 years and has never seen it as a problem.

Kate started suspecting him to be gay following his utterance of, ‘I feel repulsed’ after they had sex. Thus, the lady shouldn’t be blamed for doubting his sexuality after experiencing such.

He told other lies against Kate

The foregoing aside, speculation soon originated from the civil engineer, accusing his ex of struggling with alcoholism. More interesting is the fact that Luke Cuccurullo didn’t even have the guts to say it in her presence but the news soon got to Kate.

In her defense, Kate said he only gave her a bottle of wine to drink during their honeymoon which she took. He apparently wanted to use that against her to spread rumors that she has a problem with alcohol.

It was also revealed that Luke told Kate to lie about the first night they spent together. The civil engineer obviously didn’t want to make it known that he had sex with his own wedded wife which sounded awkward to both Kate and fans. He then went on to pretend he never had carnal knowledge of Kate.

Reasons Luke was accused of looking for popularity on MAFS, not there to find love

As the eighth season of the show was wrapping up, Kate answered yes when she was asked by Kevin if she feels Luke joined the show for popularity. According to Kate, Luke was never looking for love but just wanted to appear on TV.

Costar AJ Vollmoeller also weighed in on the matter, saying Luke merely played “a game of mental warfare” during his time with Kate. Later on, Luke managed to apologize to Kate for treating her badly and according to the lady, that show of remorse gave her closure.

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Where are Luke Cuccurullo and Kate Sisk now?

Following her experience with Luke Cuccurullo on the set of MAFS, Kate later moved on with an unidentified man but unfortunately, they didn’t last long together. She is now completely focused on her career.

On his own part, Luke is concentrating on running his dating service known as Unplugged Dating, as well as his podcast, Cuccurullo Conversation. Thanks to his career, Luke has traveled around the country and has equally discovered a lot of hidden facts about himself.

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